Monday, October 31, 2016


This week my companion and I were asked to write an article for our mission newspaper about being a happy missionary. A word that is frequently used in the Zambia Lusaka Mission is REJOICE. We have no reason to be sad, or upset as missionaries... we have the fullness of the gospel and we get to share it with others. And something I've learned is that there is always one good thing to rejoice in each day. 

This week was wonderful as always!! We had many successes mainly with the familes we are teaching. 

First of all, Dave and Banet were BAPTIZED:) It was a very sweet baptism as usual, and the Elders also had a baptism and the branch president's son was baptized! They both gave very sweet testimonies, and they are fellowshipped SO WELL by the young men of the branch. as I'll say time and time again, I'm simply amazed by the youth here in Zambia and Malawi. Probably the biggest tender mercy was that Banet's mother came for the baptism. She has one son who is serving a mission in Congo, and then a daughter who just recently got  baptized and then Banet. We really hope that she will continue, but slowly the whole family will one day join I believe it:) 

Mpatso: Mpatso is powerful!! He is the neighbor to brother Mfune and has the strongest desire. Brother Mfune told us that he is always at his house asking him questions to prepare for our lessons. The funniest thing this past week was Friday.. Brother Mfune was telling us how he would have to go to work on Sunday morning so he wouldn't be sure if he would make it to church on time or not, but then he said, "But I have to go... I can't let Mpatso overtake me in the gospel" hahahaha always looking at it as a competition. But at least he is motivated. At the baptism Mpatso was like, "this will be me on November 20th" Love the enthusiasm. 

Brother Abdul and Emily: love this family!! So prepared!!! Especially abambo! When we went to go teach him on Friday he had read the Book of Mormon and he had messaged us saying, "Sisters... ever since I read this book my life has changed" he told us how he used to never read scriptures... didn't even have a bible, never used to pray. But now he is "hungering for the gospel" The sweetest thing was after the lesson he was like, "sisters you said if i prayed I would recieve an answer... but the whole dfiference i can see in my life is the desire to study the scriptures and to pray" luckily both me and Sister Mukweya have recieved our answers this way before and we could testify to him that that was his answer!!! Amazing!!! Put him and his wife on date for the 20th!! t

Rabson Family: another miracle of the week!! Brother Rabson and his wife came to church... they were really late but they enjoyed it and even stayed for the baptism... Brother Rabson wants to join and even wants his kids to be missioanries one day.. but small problem with the wife and English... she didn't enjoy church because she didn'tunderstand which is sad, but as papa con just adviced me that anything can happen and she can still feel the spirit so we're praying that one day she'll come around!!! We put them on date for the 27th! 

Less-actives: This week we put more of an emphasis on our less-actives. But we had some heart breaking lessons with them, mainly on how they can't come back to church because the leaders don't visit them or some other stuff... and the sad thing is that they have been long time members. Sometimes we have to re-evaluate our testimony.,... is the keystone of our testimony the members? the branch president? or is it the Book of Mormon? The Atonement of Jesus Christ? but sometimes no matter how much you testify, their hearts are hardened. 

Running out of time so just some quick tender mercies:
1. Brother Morris after the baptismal service asked, :"so when can that be me?" He has been at a spiritual low.... he even once went the theology school but has lost his desire, but he is loving the gospel. 
2. Exchanges with Sister Mulomba. She is one of the funniest sisters in the mission and always puts a smile on my face. Even when we had a rough morning with lots of fall throughs... she is always positive. 
3. A sister from Kalambo branch returned home from her mission and she got to spend the day with us before she got released!! Super sweet and excited to work with her!!! She served in Uganda!! We even got to pick her up at the airport... but I kept thinking, "if I landed in utah and the people to pick me up were 2 sister missionaries.... I would not be happy... haha" but obviously she was very sweet, and we got to take her to see her family.... They were so happy, espeically because many of them aren't members of the church. 

anywho... have to get going to catch our flight to Lusaka. LOVE YOU ALL. 

have a wonderful week:) 
Sister Thueson

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