Monday, October 17, 2016


Hello once again!! Sometimes I feel like i'm emailing everyday, time just flies too fast. 

Well this week was amazing as usual. Started off powerful with a great FHE with a RM and his wife who is a recent convert and their cute little son, and then somehow monday evening the Sisters and I all got on our matching t-shirts, leggings, and chitenges, and broke out in a dance party to gospel music. Definitely one of the funniest nights on mission. 

Willy and Chrissy: Were baptized yesterday!!!! It was probably the longest day of my life.. but we finally got to watch GENERAL CONFERENCE. and we had 12 investigators at church... but i'll get to that later:) So of course we had technical difficulties at the beginning so we had to sit there and sing hymns for an hour, and then started conference, then after the first session... snack break (when did that become church policy not sure??? but it was sweet) then 2nd session... and THEN the baptism... the guard of the church even locked everyone in so they would have to stay for the baptism, but it was great!!! They were so just giggly and happy as usual, and Brother Wilfred (the father) baptized them soooo fast... just DUNKED them in the water haha. it was hilarious. Then their testimonies after were super adorable... you can tell they practiced their testimony in English all night long, "I. DO. KNOW. THAT. THE. CHURCH. IS. TRUE....." so on so on. it was adorable. we had a interesting thing happen... the branch decided to confirm them at the baptismal service??? why?? we don't know... what does the handbook say? oh well they were confirmed along side Brother Mfuni. 

Young Men: so we have been having miracles with our recent converts Star and Blesings who are 12 years old. They both came to both days of conference and they both brought a friend each day... like who does that? I've simply been amazed my whole mission at the strength of the youth in Zambia and Malawi.... if only i had been that dedicated to the gospel when i was that age. Walking an hour and a half each way to church.And then during the conference Blessings leaned over to his friend and showed him a picture of the SLC temple and explained that the temple was where the conference was. it was definitely a tender mercy to witness. 

Paul: is completely prepared for the gospel. He came to church the very first sunday we met him and hasn't missed a sunday since. When we told the Banda family (the investigator family that referred us to him) that he has been coming to church consistently, they didn't believe us because he hasn't been going to church for 7 years. He came to conference and you could tell that so many of his life questions had been answered, and he is preparing for baptism on the 6th of November. He sends us messages every single day thanking us for helping him find the truth.... I loved our lesson with him when he told us "I want to be like Joseph Smith, and pray and find the truth myself" Most the time we have to compare investigators to be like Joseph Smith, but he did it himself. 

Willard: Willard's wife finally came with him to conference!! Little by little it will soften her heart and she will maybe let them get married, and then he can get baptized!!!! 

"This is my church" A quote that was said to us many times this week by our investigators. I loved that!!! Already considering themselves to be a member... truly beginning with the end in mind!!! Mpatso and John were the ones that said that this week, and hopefully they'll be baptized in November! 

There is tooo much to explain each and every week over email, but i'm happy and the Lord is working miracles!!! Today us sisters went to Kamuzu Dam, and we put our feet in the water and when we come out.. covered in worms!!! yikes!!! don't worry... we got them all off, but it amazed me that people bath in that water!!! 

All in all, I'm happy and the work is great! nothing to complain besides the burning heat, but no worries!! 

Sister Thueson

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