Monday, August 24, 2015

Ku baptizwa

September 24
Hello family!!! Goooooooodd luck to STever in the big move to Vermont this week. (This is where our family would break out in the song "snow" from A White Christmas... but i'll restrain myself) 


Okay soooo fun facts: 
1. Having companionship study in the morning is much more effective... so I'think it's good that we do it this way now. 
2. Mini bus drivers turn off the engine while they're driving "to try and save gas" but truly turning it off and on really just wastes more gas. 
3. Tuesday a random guy at the bread shop bought us gelato... TENDER MERCY. 
4. Nsima = stomach issues. Investigators have been feeding us more and seriously the struggle is real. My stomach isn't enjoying it. 

OKay so this week was bwino bwino!! This week I really started trying to focus on becoming the person that Heavenly Father wants me to become... yes I can follow all the rules and be obedient, but I also need to look at the other aspect of it... changing my attitude and opinions to be on the same track that Heavenly Father wants. okay sorry... missionary rant. 

Tuesday: We had 2 lunch appointments and i almost barfed... seriously I couldn't eat until Wednesday. I felt so so sick haha. 

Friday: WE went to chilimoni!! (Sis. Browning's area) and we are teaching the sweetest 16 year old girl named Vito!! She is so excited about the church. She came to church on sunday and after she was like "I was just so happy when i was taking the sacrament and the classes were so interesting!!" and she told us how bad she wants to be baptized.... YAY! 

Saturday: We were meeting Tenson in the morning at the chapel to teach him a lesson.... and we called every single lady in our branch to see if one of them could come teach with us (cause we need a girl) and no one could... so we just prayed and prayed and prayed that somehow we would find someone who could sit in on the lesson and GUESS WHAT? HEAVENLY FATHER ANSWERS PRAYERS. There were 2 girls from another branch who got to the church early for the YSA activity. seriously i almost cried. 

Then khumbo passed his interview!!! let me give you a quick reminder about the best. guy. ever. 

seriously.... him and his friend mendela (who we'll baptize later... he just has some slight learning disabilities so it is taking a little longer) were sitting outside their house when we walked by. He told us that his friend was on a mission in Uganda but he wanted to learn about the BOM. and so luckily I had one and pulled it out and we showed them the introduction. and ever since then we have been meeting with them 3 times a week... and he has introduced us to about 5 of his friends who we have started teaching as well. He always talks about how badly he wants to go on a mission. After he passed his baptismal interview he just couldn't stop thanking us for being such great teachers. He will be baptized by the EQ Pres in the branch who just got home from his mission in Kenya about 3 months ago! 

After his interview he went and introduced us to yet another friend... and then he wanted to learn how to sing "I Know that My Redeemer Lives" and so we sang it with them a bunch of times and we're gonna sing it as the musical number at his baptism since it is his favorite song!! (video attached in dropbox) 

Sunday: BRENDA GOT BAPTIZED. So during gospel principles class the branch president came in and told us that madzi pallibe.... meaning no water. luckily they had already started filling the font so we had some in there but it meant that we had to have the baptism ASAP. So we quickly took Brenda and her husband got them the classic white jumpers... taught him how to baptize her... and then took some cute pics and started the service. Turns out that the person who was supposed to give a talk on baptism wasn't prepared so lucky me got to speak:) but it really was so great to speak at her baptism because they were both so happy. Seriously her husband was just so proud... and they were just adorable and holding hands and being cute. 

The first attempt at baptism.... struggled a little haha. She didn't go all the way under and her feet came up. 
but second time.... SUCCESS. 
Can't wait for them to be dressed in white getting sealed in a year:) 

anywhoo..... SUCH A GREAT WEEK. Every week is good here... trust me, there are the ups and downs. I promise not everything goes perfectly or smoothly... but the good always out weighs the bad. 

I'm gonna miss introducing myself as Sister Thueson in 16 months. Have a wonderful week family and friends! you're all the greatest! 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Hot Season is Comin'

The Nyirende family

Maswela Bwanji!! 


This week flew by as always!!!!! It always blows my mind how fast Monday comes! 

Fun Facts: 
1. Malawians don't really know the difference between "he"and "she" so they switch the two up and it really confuses me half the time. 
3. One of my investigators lectured me because he though my zits were mosquito bites and he got mad at me and told me i need to start sleeping in my mosquito net.... These people are always concerned about my health haha. NO WORRIES FAMILY I SLEEP IN MY MOSQUITO NET EVERY NIGHT. 
4. Malawian restuaraunts always advertise for things that they don't actually have.... so they always get your hopes up that they have milkshakes or something... when they actually don't. 
5. So i've really been praying for the gift of discernment to better understand the needs and concerns of my investigators. And I can actually say that not just me but also my companions have seen a difference. When I truly listen to what an investigator says, the spirit has really helps me realize when they don't completely understand or when they're confused. PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED MY FRIENDS. 
6. We almost got hit by 2 cars this week trying to cross the street... these drivers are crazy. okay... and it was partially my fault as well. I should be more careful. 
7. I've been blessed with an understanding of the Book of Mormon. Did you know that the storyline actually  makes sense??? yeah I've always read it too slow that I could never piece it together. Even when I took the BOM class... kinda sad. But I started it when I left and now i'm over halfway and I love it. I have to force myself to study some other things during personal study!! 

Okay.... so I feel like my emails are starting to become more lame. pepani. 

Let me tell you about some of my favorite investigators/funny stories. 

1. BRENDA PASSED HER BAPTISMAL INTERVIEW. SHE IS GETTING BAPTIZED BY HER HUSBAND ON SUNDAY. CAN YOU SAY TOTES ADORBS???? we are so very much excited for her. she lives sooooo very far away from the church (it's not even an area that missionaries teach in) but her and her husband sacrifice a lot of transport money each week to come to church. They deserve lots of blessings. 

2. The Nyirende Family: okay I'm attaching a picture with a majority of the Nyirende family. These people are my favorite. They made us lunch twice this week!!! We taught them the plan of salvation and 3 of them came to church... so we're slowly getting the whole family to come. After our lesson we were about to say our prayer and Edwin (who is 19) was like.... shouldn't we kneel?? and it just was a good reminder for me about the importance of a kneeling family prayer. And it is just so powerful to be kneeling with a family as they ask their Father in Heaven if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church on the earth today. And then that night they had family scripture study together and discussed 2 Ne 2... We are teaching them again on Wednesday wahooo. 

3. Khumbu/Mendela. They are getting so close to baptism!!! and it is seriously all they want with all their heart. Khumbo's interview will be this sunday and then he will be baptized on the 30th!! Today he asked us to give him pamphlets so that he can give them to his friends.... he is already a missionary and he isn't even baptized yet. but FUNNY STORY: so we were teaching the Law of Chastity.... always fun. and we were talking about how we need to have clean thoughts and Mendela was like "ooooooooh so if I think in my head 'I want to sex her...' then that's bad right?" hahaha just the way he said it. Man I couldn't hold in my laughter. 

Pretty much the work is going soooo good and i'm just soooo happy. and I just loooooovee the Mandala Blantyre area. the best area a girl could ask for. 


OUR MISSION SCHEDULE GOT CHANGED.... so now we have comp study in the morning like every other mission in the world and we'll get to stay out later...  but not yet. They are going to move us into a flat that is actually in our area because currently we have to leave the area an hour before we have to be home. So currently we leave at 10 and have to be home at 5:30... so less proseltying time which is sad. But when we move into our area we'll get to stay out until 7:) wahooooo 

NIMA KU KONDA KWAN BILI BANJA LANGA (i love you very much my family) 

Thank you so very much for the prayers and support... it means so much!!! 

Yes, I biff it at the end of this video....


August 10, 2015

Mawa I officially hit 2 months!!! Can you say the fastest 2 months of your life??? well they have probably been mine. But at the same time SO much has happened in the past 2 months!!! My life has already been changed for the better in just a short 2 months and i'm so incredibly grateful that I get 16 more in the Zambia Lusaka Mission:)

Random Facts/Funny things:

1. This investigator was watching "God's must be crazy" when we walked into his house and he asked us if that is what Africa is like outside Blantyre. yesssss... an African asked an azungu if Africa was like the movie. like
what??? I just laughed and had no idea how to respond.
2. Marriage proposals are my favorite... I'm going to start saying yes to them because they are always drunk men who just want the azungu (white person)
3. Malawian police don't do anything hahaha... I don't even know why they have them.
4. Malawian sunsets beat Bountiful sunsets... i'm sorry. I've tried to capture the beauty in a picture but it's impossible. i'm like in awe every night as we are walking home.
5. So we learned this week that even though we are in a threesome we can't teach men without another woman.... and every single one of our investigators besides one is a male. Dead serious. Females pallibe. and the struggle is real trying to find a female who is willing to come teach with us... We had to not teach a bunch of lessons this week because females couldn't come:(
6. okay FUNNY STORY: so in district meeting we learned how it can be powerful to invite someone to church by holding up a picture of Jesus and telling them that Jesus is the one that wants them to come to church.... but me not comprehending the concept completely tried to apply it to a lesson by holding the picture of Jesus in front of my face and saying ""I'm Jesus and I want you to come to church..." yep they just looked at me like I was a freak and my companions couldn't stop laughing. Always leave it up to Sister Thueson to ruin the spirit in a lesson hahahahahaha:)
7. These 2 azungus were on a run through town and my companions dared me to start running with them and to contact them... obviously if they dare me i'm going to do it. so I started running side by side with them and I was
laughing too hard that I couldn't even tell them that I was a missionary. contact fail.
8. This guy told me to tie his shoe... and so my trying to serve my fellowmen started to do it and then I realized he asked me because I was a woman and so I looked up at him and was like ""is this because i'm a woman??"and he was like ├┐eah"and I stood up and Sis Solomone got super defensive and was like "God blessed you with two hands you tie your own shoe" hahahah guys i promise it was funny.

Tuesday: We saw Frasier my favorite old man:) and this drunk guy tried to join our lesson and he told me that his heart wanted me and that we could "make love" gross. so we gave him a chastity/WOW pamphlet. and then when we finally got rid of him frasier was like, "just so you know.... we did not enjoy your company,." hahahahah i love him. After investigating the church for 10 years... we are finally going to baptize that man. oh and then we went and helped the Nyirende family build a fence out of sticks and bamboo... lets just say we probably hurt more than helped them. but it was a fun bonding experience.

Wednesday: Khumbu brought yet another friend to our lesson.... he wants to be a missionary so bad. goodness he is the greatest. He is getting baptized on the 23rd!! random event: a piece of ash flew into my mouth as we were walking and I was convinced that it was a bug so i started freaking out... no worries just ash... but it turned my whole mouth black.

Friday: We met with a less active named Jones and he told us he wants to prepare for the temple because he is going to marry A MISSIONARY FROM ARKANSAS WHO SERVED IN MY AREA AND THAT'S HOW THEY MET. WHAAAATT? mom and dad you would kill me. but they are both going to go to BYU after so we'll be besties.

Saturday: WE SAW AN ICE CREAM TRUCK DRIVE THROUGH NAPERI. NO JOKE. BEST DAY EVER. so we got some ice cream... good good day.

SUNDAY: so last week I got super excited because we had 5 investigators at church... well this week WE HAD 11...... GOODNESS WE ARE SO BLESSED. seriously i could have cried. I love them all so so much. they are all the best and I'm so lucky to watch them progress. In case you want to know their names: Brenda, Frasier, Henry, Tedson, Tenson Edwin, William, William, Mellow, Khumbu, Mendela. oh and the people that were supposed to give talks didn't show up... so guess who had to give last minute talks?? Me and Sis. Solomone....
welcome to missionary life.

Today: We taught Khumbu and he told us that a week before we walked by his house and met him, that he had a dream that he was being taught the gospel of Jesus Christ by 2 white faces... THE CHURCH IS TRUE MY

That's about it for this week..... love you my family so much and I think about you and pray for you all the time!!!

Nima ku konda kwan bili
Sister Thuey

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A wedding, a NonTransfer, and 5 Investigators at Church

August 3, 2015
Wasssuuupppp??? So this week I decided that coincidences aren't a thing.... everything is a tender mercy from our loving Heavenly Father. 

1st off.... give my love to everyone at Grandma Eggs funeral... I wish I could be there to give my support, but tell everyone that I love them! 

2nd.... BIG NEWS. NO ONE IN MY ZONE GOT TRANSFERRED.... chifukwa??? zindi ku dziwa. (why? i don't know) so yes.... We are staying as a threesome and we are staying in 2 areas for the next 6 weeks..... no one really knows why, but it will be good. I sat my companions down last night right before bedtime (they weren't that happy cause they wanted to go to bed haha...) and I made us set some goals because I have things I want to accomplish in my area in case we're transferred in 6 weeks.... so these next 6 weeks are gonna be big. We have some big goals and i'm super motivated to make it happen!!! (aka baptize 4 families!!!) 

Fun Facts:

we got a new planner cause new transfer... and my fun facts are in my old planner... sooooooo i'll try to think of some pepani. 

1. Malawian weddings are soooooo prime. I'll explain later. Let's just say the bride dances and people throw money at her. fascinating. 
2. FASTING WORKS... okay I just need to quickly bear my new found testimony on fasting. wowza so I told you how last sunday my whole zone did a fast so that we could find a family?? well family.... it worked!!!! so yes... I am now a lover and believer of fasting. who knew it would take me 19 years of life to actually believe in this commandment hahhahaha. So Tuesday right after we emailed you, we were contacting by the church sign because we couldn't walk around cause of her foot, and this one guy walked by and so I just started talking to him and turns out he stays in Chilimoni (part of Sis. Browning's area) and he was soooo interested and he has 2 kids. and then that same night we met with one of our recent investigators and he introduced us to his WHOLE FAMILY!!! father, mother, 3 sons, daughter, and cousin. And they are all very interested. We taught them and the father came to church on Sunday... the others had work!! but still..... once we teach them a little more I think they will be very interested!!! They're the Nyirende family! 

Okay so this week we still couldn't go out for full days until Sis. browning got her stiches out on Thursday. so I'm very very excited to go out and serve EVERYDAY this week.... it's gonna be the first time in a while wahooooo.. We're calling this week "the week of life-changing lessons" cause we're gonna change lives this week. HOLLA.
I"m gonna tell you a little bit about some of my fav investigators. 

Khumbu and Mendela... probably the 2 sweetest guys on the planet. They both already want to serve missions and we haven't even finished teaching the Restoration to them yet! We taught them this morning again, and they both said that they have been praying every morning and every night and that they know in their heart that the church is true. seriously people should start filming my face while i'm teaching because I''m pretty sure i'm smiling ear to ear when someone says something like that. We picked them up for church on sunday and so they both came!! and they have already introduced us to 3 of their friends who we are going to start teaching, and he says he has even more! Seriously... they're the best.. They''re both on date for August 23rd

Tensons Family: Okay so Tenson is the greatest guy. He is a police officer and last night he texted us just to let us know that he got promoted and he believes it is because God is blessing him HOLLA SO TRUE TENSON. We met with the rest of his family... and his wife is gonna be a little stubborn. She is very active in C.C.A.P. (Church of Central AFrican Presbetarian) and I"m not sure how interested she is... but we feel like this family has been prepared so we are working really hard on her. They have 4 little kids! Prince, Charity, Favor, Ramsey. Picture attached with some of them!! 

Nyirende Family: We taught them the first half of the Restoration and the abambo (the father) looked into the eyes of Sis. Browning and said "I'm not talking to you right now... I'm talking to God... and i'm telling him that I''ll be at church on Sunday."and guess what... HE CAME TO CHURCH. 

Brenda/Brenda's Wedding! So we have this investigator who is getting baptized August 23rd... she probably could have been baptized next week.. but she couldn't come to church yesterday cause she was on her honeymoon <3 <3 OKay her wedding..... speechless. So the ceremony was pretty normal. It was held in the chapel and it was exciting to see them get married... (she got married to a member) except their kiss was super awkward haha... like worse than a junior high kid stage kiss.... By the way.. Malawians don't show public affection. Okay and then the second they stepped out of the chapel there was all this screaming and singing and dancing and wow. and then the reception was DECKED OUT MAN. Check out the pictures on dropbox. We spent like 2 hours helping them set it up. so instead of giving gifts... the bride and groom stand up at the front and dance, and then they call up different groups to join them and then you join in on the dancing and throw money at them... guys.... this was my kind of wedding. So they called up the members of the LDS church and so some members gave me money to throw and we went up and had a... MORMON MOSH PIT baby. Okay.. not really a mosh pit... 

Sunday: WE HAD 5 INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH CAN I GET A WOOT WOOT?? really... BDE. Khumbu, Mendela, Frasier, Tenson, and Peter Nyirende!

Well family i love love love you. The family picture is adorable. 
Nima Ku Konda

Sister Thuey:) 

Nobody is perfect...except these darling kids!

July 28, 2014

Fun facts/random thoughts or events: (i'm running out of fun facts about malawi... so these will just be random thoughts I had during the week okay??)
1. So this week I had the realization that nobody is perfect (except tommy)... but really Hannah Montana was right on point. I couldn't have said it better myself. So thank you Disney for teaching a valuable lesson.... but wouldn't life just be great if we could be perfect?? but then it would also be super boring... mixed feelings for sure.
2. the people in malawi don't use their front doors... (which are almost always light blue for some reason) but when we are contacting... we go to their back doors and you don't really knock you just say "odi" and then if they're home they do this weird grunt. who even knows. \
3. no one can say my last name here.... have i mentioned that before?? Someone gave me a new name "mavuto" which means problem or difficult... not because i'm a difficult person, but because my name is difficult.
4. The people in the ward gave me a new name too.... Napili... i dunno what it means but it is a respected name so that's cool.
5. I accidentally killed a bug on to my face while we were walking... bug guts all over my cheek. yum
6. some people in our flat bought a puppy... you would think it is cute until you wake up to it EVERY SINGLE morning at 5 yapping and barking and being so annoying. my companion even had a dream that she was figuring out ways to kill it... not kidding. but we're getting used to it!
7. I've had really bad allergies this week... my nose does not like something that is here in Malawi.
8. my companions say that i'm really not as tone deaf as I think i am.
9. so I already have an accent.... not when i'm in the flat, but when i'm talking to a Malawian i have this weird accent that I can't really describe... i guess you'll here it when I call on Christmas!
10. Transfer calls come this friday.... stay tuned... bum bum bum (dramatic music)
11. So there is this 10 year old girl named Florence who lives in the flat across thes treet from us. and she loves us. she waits for us to walk home everyday and she drew us all drawings, and she probably calls us like at least 5 times a day. She told us she passed her exams and for some strange reason i promised her a gift... i dunno. and of
course a 10 year old malawian is going to be persistent if an azungu promises a gift. so she called and called and called all week for it, until finally we threw some things together for her. we drew some pictures, gave her a ctr ring, a picture of jesus, and some uno cards. i think she liked it?? i dunno... but she still calls us everyday. she actually just barely called us while i was emailing you all!
12. Last week I forgot to tell you about a lesson with William... we walked in right as he was finishing slaughtering a chicken... then we told him that there was chicken blood all over his feet and he didn't even care, and all these flies were on his feet eating the blood and guts the whole time we were teaching... gross.
13. so turns out we have been giving the WRONG NUMBER to all the people we have contacted this whole month... we thought our cell number ended in 33... turns out it ends in 53.... no wonder no one has been calling us.

Monday: We were driving in a mini bus... and I swear I saw a dead guy on the side of the road... seriously. the bus even slowed down so everyone could look. Then we stopped by to see Harry for a tid bit to see why he didn't
come to church... and turns out he had been robbed the day before and a guy stabbed a screwdriver through his hand!!! WHAT THE CRAP PEOPLE? the wound wasn't too disgusting but it went all the way through both
sides... and all they robbed him of was his phone. don't worry mom this wasn't in my area.

Tuesday: ZONE MEETING...... mponvu. POWERFUL. it was so great. We read the talk "a consecrated missionary" and my new goal for the week is staying positive in all things... even if they day is hard to stay positive because we know the church is the true church on the earth today so why shouldn't we be happy?? and then we discussed what key indicators we were struggling with, and we decided as a zone that we were struggling with finding fathers and families (father-led lessons) and so we set a goal as a zone to find a family by the end of this week, and to have them baptized by! (because 3 elders from our zone go home soon) Me and both of my companions had
the prompting that we should teach Tenson's family. We have been teaching Tenson and he wants to get baptized really bad... but his family isn't too interested and he lives very far away, but we are making it a goal to visit the family at their home, because currently Tenson meets us at the chapel for his lessons!

Wednesday: we went to Sister Browning's area and we taught a blind lady named Funny... she has had all the lessons and was ready to get baptized.. and then she moved away, so hopefully she moves back soon and we can get her baptized:) also this drunk/high guy tried to hug all of us and we had to pretty much run away from him... until he started following us all around chilimoni all day... so finally i had to ask someone to tell him to leave us alone... some people are just crazy.

Thursday: Bright and early we headed to our favorite SDA hosptial and Sis. Browning had her toenail removed. The doctor said she couldn't walk for the rest of the day so we spent it in the flat! except that President Erickson was in town and so we had interviews today!! He is just so great... really powerful! My interview was great and he just talked about how as missionaries we need to better use the tools we have been given to bring others into the gospel!

Friday: HAPPY PIONEER DAY... I SANG THE UTAH SONG NO WORRIES.  The STL's came and stayed with Sis. Browning at our flat and so Sis. solomone and I were able to go out for half of a day! tender mercy:) We met
these 2 guys Coombu and Mendela who stopped us as we were walking and asked about the Book of Mormon. how great is that??? I looove introducing the Book of Mormon to the people!! we haven't been able to meet with them since... but hopefully this week. and then we committed Harry (screwdriver guy) to baptism... he is just so sweet and nice and humble and really wants to learn. He says he always tries to call us but it doesn't go through... and now it makes sense since we have been giving everyone the wrong number... hahahah oh life.

Saturday: Sis. Browning still couldn't walk so we were stuck inside the flat most of the day! except we showed "Meet the Mormon's" at our chapel... and we have been advertising it for a while, and it was a pretty good turn out. We ahd 3 investigators come:) happy day!!! It was probably the 10th time I've seen the movie... but when the mother is saying bye to the missionary in the SLC airport... man it just hits ya home. brutalizing.

Sunday: Happy Sabbath:) As a zone we fasted to be able to find a family that is looking for the gospel that each companionship can baptize by September 6th. I've quickly learned what a 24 hour fast really is........... 24 hours. but hey I have learned that I can do it. and once you do something once, you can do it again:) or 17 more times. haha, we also taught Brenda after church... she is someone that lives about an hour from the chapel but she is engaged to a member. They are getting married on Saturday..... and so what did we get to teach?? LAW OF CHASTITY BABY... my first law of chastity lesson... and it truly isn't as awkward as i anticipated. Brenda is on date for
August 23rd since they're gonna be gone honeymooning and all that jazz.

Monday: we had to go to the hospital cause when we woke up puss was oozing out of Sis. Browning's toenail... like A LOT OF PUSS. so we got to make a fun trip to the hospital.. listen to how messed up this is. 15000 kwacha to see the doctor... 5300 kwacha for a new bandaid and then 300 kwacha for 20 pills.... like the medicine is super cheap here!!!

anywho.... so I had a lot of time for personal study this week right??? and so I have been reading conference talks from April and man they were sooo good. Bednars about fears is real good, Saints are sinners who keep on trying... so good, and the "Be Good without Guile" This talk talks about how we shouldn't serve for praise, power, or
position, but simply because we love God. Now this reminded me of Sam (Nephi's Brother, Sam Wise Ganji, and then of course not just my brother Sam... but every single member of the Thueson Family. Seriously all of you guys are the best examples of serving because you love the person you're serving and you just love the Lord. so thanks
for being such great examples family!! I LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU SO MUCH.

The church is true. It's Jesus Christ's church, and because of Him we are all able to be with our families forever. Even though we're not all perfect, we can one day become perfect because of Him. If I had to miss out on Lake Powell, there is no better reason to miss than to be in Blantyre serving as a missionary. I'm so grateful to be here, to have all of your endless support, and to be able to witness miracles even if they are just mini miracles, every single day.

nima ku konda,
Sister Thueson:)
or Sister mavuto
or Sister Napili