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Nobody is perfect...except these darling kids!

July 28, 2014

Fun facts/random thoughts or events: (i'm running out of fun facts about malawi... so these will just be random thoughts I had during the week okay??)
1. So this week I had the realization that nobody is perfect (except tommy)... but really Hannah Montana was right on point. I couldn't have said it better myself. So thank you Disney for teaching a valuable lesson.... but wouldn't life just be great if we could be perfect?? but then it would also be super boring... mixed feelings for sure.
2. the people in malawi don't use their front doors... (which are almost always light blue for some reason) but when we are contacting... we go to their back doors and you don't really knock you just say "odi" and then if they're home they do this weird grunt. who even knows. \
3. no one can say my last name here.... have i mentioned that before?? Someone gave me a new name "mavuto" which means problem or difficult... not because i'm a difficult person, but because my name is difficult.
4. The people in the ward gave me a new name too.... Napili... i dunno what it means but it is a respected name so that's cool.
5. I accidentally killed a bug on to my face while we were walking... bug guts all over my cheek. yum
6. some people in our flat bought a puppy... you would think it is cute until you wake up to it EVERY SINGLE morning at 5 yapping and barking and being so annoying. my companion even had a dream that she was figuring out ways to kill it... not kidding. but we're getting used to it!
7. I've had really bad allergies this week... my nose does not like something that is here in Malawi.
8. my companions say that i'm really not as tone deaf as I think i am.
9. so I already have an accent.... not when i'm in the flat, but when i'm talking to a Malawian i have this weird accent that I can't really describe... i guess you'll here it when I call on Christmas!
10. Transfer calls come this friday.... stay tuned... bum bum bum (dramatic music)
11. So there is this 10 year old girl named Florence who lives in the flat across thes treet from us. and she loves us. she waits for us to walk home everyday and she drew us all drawings, and she probably calls us like at least 5 times a day. She told us she passed her exams and for some strange reason i promised her a gift... i dunno. and of
course a 10 year old malawian is going to be persistent if an azungu promises a gift. so she called and called and called all week for it, until finally we threw some things together for her. we drew some pictures, gave her a ctr ring, a picture of jesus, and some uno cards. i think she liked it?? i dunno... but she still calls us everyday. she actually just barely called us while i was emailing you all!
12. Last week I forgot to tell you about a lesson with William... we walked in right as he was finishing slaughtering a chicken... then we told him that there was chicken blood all over his feet and he didn't even care, and all these flies were on his feet eating the blood and guts the whole time we were teaching... gross.
13. so turns out we have been giving the WRONG NUMBER to all the people we have contacted this whole month... we thought our cell number ended in 33... turns out it ends in 53.... no wonder no one has been calling us.

Monday: We were driving in a mini bus... and I swear I saw a dead guy on the side of the road... seriously. the bus even slowed down so everyone could look. Then we stopped by to see Harry for a tid bit to see why he didn't
come to church... and turns out he had been robbed the day before and a guy stabbed a screwdriver through his hand!!! WHAT THE CRAP PEOPLE? the wound wasn't too disgusting but it went all the way through both
sides... and all they robbed him of was his phone. don't worry mom this wasn't in my area.

Tuesday: ZONE MEETING...... mponvu. POWERFUL. it was so great. We read the talk "a consecrated missionary" and my new goal for the week is staying positive in all things... even if they day is hard to stay positive because we know the church is the true church on the earth today so why shouldn't we be happy?? and then we discussed what key indicators we were struggling with, and we decided as a zone that we were struggling with finding fathers and families (father-led lessons) and so we set a goal as a zone to find a family by the end of this week, and to have them baptized by! (because 3 elders from our zone go home soon) Me and both of my companions had
the prompting that we should teach Tenson's family. We have been teaching Tenson and he wants to get baptized really bad... but his family isn't too interested and he lives very far away, but we are making it a goal to visit the family at their home, because currently Tenson meets us at the chapel for his lessons!

Wednesday: we went to Sister Browning's area and we taught a blind lady named Funny... she has had all the lessons and was ready to get baptized.. and then she moved away, so hopefully she moves back soon and we can get her baptized:) also this drunk/high guy tried to hug all of us and we had to pretty much run away from him... until he started following us all around chilimoni all day... so finally i had to ask someone to tell him to leave us alone... some people are just crazy.

Thursday: Bright and early we headed to our favorite SDA hosptial and Sis. Browning had her toenail removed. The doctor said she couldn't walk for the rest of the day so we spent it in the flat! except that President Erickson was in town and so we had interviews today!! He is just so great... really powerful! My interview was great and he just talked about how as missionaries we need to better use the tools we have been given to bring others into the gospel!

Friday: HAPPY PIONEER DAY... I SANG THE UTAH SONG NO WORRIES.  The STL's came and stayed with Sis. Browning at our flat and so Sis. solomone and I were able to go out for half of a day! tender mercy:) We met
these 2 guys Coombu and Mendela who stopped us as we were walking and asked about the Book of Mormon. how great is that??? I looove introducing the Book of Mormon to the people!! we haven't been able to meet with them since... but hopefully this week. and then we committed Harry (screwdriver guy) to baptism... he is just so sweet and nice and humble and really wants to learn. He says he always tries to call us but it doesn't go through... and now it makes sense since we have been giving everyone the wrong number... hahahah oh life.

Saturday: Sis. Browning still couldn't walk so we were stuck inside the flat most of the day! except we showed "Meet the Mormon's" at our chapel... and we have been advertising it for a while, and it was a pretty good turn out. We ahd 3 investigators come:) happy day!!! It was probably the 10th time I've seen the movie... but when the mother is saying bye to the missionary in the SLC airport... man it just hits ya home. brutalizing.

Sunday: Happy Sabbath:) As a zone we fasted to be able to find a family that is looking for the gospel that each companionship can baptize by September 6th. I've quickly learned what a 24 hour fast really is........... 24 hours. but hey I have learned that I can do it. and once you do something once, you can do it again:) or 17 more times. haha, we also taught Brenda after church... she is someone that lives about an hour from the chapel but she is engaged to a member. They are getting married on Saturday..... and so what did we get to teach?? LAW OF CHASTITY BABY... my first law of chastity lesson... and it truly isn't as awkward as i anticipated. Brenda is on date for
August 23rd since they're gonna be gone honeymooning and all that jazz.

Monday: we had to go to the hospital cause when we woke up puss was oozing out of Sis. Browning's toenail... like A LOT OF PUSS. so we got to make a fun trip to the hospital.. listen to how messed up this is. 15000 kwacha to see the doctor... 5300 kwacha for a new bandaid and then 300 kwacha for 20 pills.... like the medicine is super cheap here!!!

anywho.... so I had a lot of time for personal study this week right??? and so I have been reading conference talks from April and man they were sooo good. Bednars about fears is real good, Saints are sinners who keep on trying... so good, and the "Be Good without Guile" This talk talks about how we shouldn't serve for praise, power, or
position, but simply because we love God. Now this reminded me of Sam (Nephi's Brother, Sam Wise Ganji, and then of course not just my brother Sam... but every single member of the Thueson Family. Seriously all of you guys are the best examples of serving because you love the person you're serving and you just love the Lord. so thanks
for being such great examples family!! I LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU SO MUCH.

The church is true. It's Jesus Christ's church, and because of Him we are all able to be with our families forever. Even though we're not all perfect, we can one day become perfect because of Him. If I had to miss out on Lake Powell, there is no better reason to miss than to be in Blantyre serving as a missionary. I'm so grateful to be here, to have all of your endless support, and to be able to witness miracles even if they are just mini miracles, every single day.

nima ku konda,
Sister Thueson:)
or Sister mavuto
or Sister Napili

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