Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A wedding, a NonTransfer, and 5 Investigators at Church

August 3, 2015
Wasssuuupppp??? So this week I decided that coincidences aren't a thing.... everything is a tender mercy from our loving Heavenly Father. 

1st off.... give my love to everyone at Grandma Eggs funeral... I wish I could be there to give my support, but tell everyone that I love them! 

2nd.... BIG NEWS. NO ONE IN MY ZONE GOT TRANSFERRED.... chifukwa??? zindi ku dziwa. (why? i don't know) so yes.... We are staying as a threesome and we are staying in 2 areas for the next 6 weeks..... no one really knows why, but it will be good. I sat my companions down last night right before bedtime (they weren't that happy cause they wanted to go to bed haha...) and I made us set some goals because I have things I want to accomplish in my area in case we're transferred in 6 weeks.... so these next 6 weeks are gonna be big. We have some big goals and i'm super motivated to make it happen!!! (aka baptize 4 families!!!) 

Fun Facts:

we got a new planner cause new transfer... and my fun facts are in my old planner... sooooooo i'll try to think of some pepani. 

1. Malawian weddings are soooooo prime. I'll explain later. Let's just say the bride dances and people throw money at her. fascinating. 
2. FASTING WORKS... okay I just need to quickly bear my new found testimony on fasting. wowza so I told you how last sunday my whole zone did a fast so that we could find a family?? well family.... it worked!!!! so yes... I am now a lover and believer of fasting. who knew it would take me 19 years of life to actually believe in this commandment hahhahaha. So Tuesday right after we emailed you, we were contacting by the church sign because we couldn't walk around cause of her foot, and this one guy walked by and so I just started talking to him and turns out he stays in Chilimoni (part of Sis. Browning's area) and he was soooo interested and he has 2 kids. and then that same night we met with one of our recent investigators and he introduced us to his WHOLE FAMILY!!! father, mother, 3 sons, daughter, and cousin. And they are all very interested. We taught them and the father came to church on Sunday... the others had work!! but still..... once we teach them a little more I think they will be very interested!!! They're the Nyirende family! 

Okay so this week we still couldn't go out for full days until Sis. browning got her stiches out on Thursday. so I'm very very excited to go out and serve EVERYDAY this week.... it's gonna be the first time in a while wahooooo.. We're calling this week "the week of life-changing lessons" cause we're gonna change lives this week. HOLLA.
I"m gonna tell you a little bit about some of my fav investigators. 

Khumbu and Mendela... probably the 2 sweetest guys on the planet. They both already want to serve missions and we haven't even finished teaching the Restoration to them yet! We taught them this morning again, and they both said that they have been praying every morning and every night and that they know in their heart that the church is true. seriously people should start filming my face while i'm teaching because I''m pretty sure i'm smiling ear to ear when someone says something like that. We picked them up for church on sunday and so they both came!! and they have already introduced us to 3 of their friends who we are going to start teaching, and he says he has even more! Seriously... they're the best.. They''re both on date for August 23rd

Tensons Family: Okay so Tenson is the greatest guy. He is a police officer and last night he texted us just to let us know that he got promoted and he believes it is because God is blessing him HOLLA SO TRUE TENSON. We met with the rest of his family... and his wife is gonna be a little stubborn. She is very active in C.C.A.P. (Church of Central AFrican Presbetarian) and I"m not sure how interested she is... but we feel like this family has been prepared so we are working really hard on her. They have 4 little kids! Prince, Charity, Favor, Ramsey. Picture attached with some of them!! 

Nyirende Family: We taught them the first half of the Restoration and the abambo (the father) looked into the eyes of Sis. Browning and said "I'm not talking to you right now... I'm talking to God... and i'm telling him that I''ll be at church on Sunday."and guess what... HE CAME TO CHURCH. 

Brenda/Brenda's Wedding! So we have this investigator who is getting baptized August 23rd... she probably could have been baptized next week.. but she couldn't come to church yesterday cause she was on her honeymoon <3 <3 OKay her wedding..... speechless. So the ceremony was pretty normal. It was held in the chapel and it was exciting to see them get married... (she got married to a member) except their kiss was super awkward haha... like worse than a junior high kid stage kiss.... By the way.. Malawians don't show public affection. Okay and then the second they stepped out of the chapel there was all this screaming and singing and dancing and wow. and then the reception was DECKED OUT MAN. Check out the pictures on dropbox. We spent like 2 hours helping them set it up. so instead of giving gifts... the bride and groom stand up at the front and dance, and then they call up different groups to join them and then you join in on the dancing and throw money at them... guys.... this was my kind of wedding. So they called up the members of the LDS church and so some members gave me money to throw and we went up and had a... MORMON MOSH PIT baby. Okay.. not really a mosh pit... 

Sunday: WE HAD 5 INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH CAN I GET A WOOT WOOT?? really... BDE. Khumbu, Mendela, Frasier, Tenson, and Peter Nyirende!

Well family i love love love you. The family picture is adorable. 
Nima Ku Konda

Sister Thuey:) 

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