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August 10, 2015

Mawa I officially hit 2 months!!! Can you say the fastest 2 months of your life??? well they have probably been mine. But at the same time SO much has happened in the past 2 months!!! My life has already been changed for the better in just a short 2 months and i'm so incredibly grateful that I get 16 more in the Zambia Lusaka Mission:)

Random Facts/Funny things:

1. This investigator was watching "God's must be crazy" when we walked into his house and he asked us if that is what Africa is like outside Blantyre. yesssss... an African asked an azungu if Africa was like the movie. like
what??? I just laughed and had no idea how to respond.
2. Marriage proposals are my favorite... I'm going to start saying yes to them because they are always drunk men who just want the azungu (white person)
3. Malawian police don't do anything hahaha... I don't even know why they have them.
4. Malawian sunsets beat Bountiful sunsets... i'm sorry. I've tried to capture the beauty in a picture but it's impossible. i'm like in awe every night as we are walking home.
5. So we learned this week that even though we are in a threesome we can't teach men without another woman.... and every single one of our investigators besides one is a male. Dead serious. Females pallibe. and the struggle is real trying to find a female who is willing to come teach with us... We had to not teach a bunch of lessons this week because females couldn't come:(
6. okay FUNNY STORY: so in district meeting we learned how it can be powerful to invite someone to church by holding up a picture of Jesus and telling them that Jesus is the one that wants them to come to church.... but me not comprehending the concept completely tried to apply it to a lesson by holding the picture of Jesus in front of my face and saying ""I'm Jesus and I want you to come to church..." yep they just looked at me like I was a freak and my companions couldn't stop laughing. Always leave it up to Sister Thueson to ruin the spirit in a lesson hahahahahaha:)
7. These 2 azungus were on a run through town and my companions dared me to start running with them and to contact them... obviously if they dare me i'm going to do it. so I started running side by side with them and I was
laughing too hard that I couldn't even tell them that I was a missionary. contact fail.
8. This guy told me to tie his shoe... and so my trying to serve my fellowmen started to do it and then I realized he asked me because I was a woman and so I looked up at him and was like ""is this because i'm a woman??"and he was like ÿeah"and I stood up and Sis Solomone got super defensive and was like "God blessed you with two hands you tie your own shoe" hahahah guys i promise it was funny.

Tuesday: We saw Frasier my favorite old man:) and this drunk guy tried to join our lesson and he told me that his heart wanted me and that we could "make love" gross. so we gave him a chastity/WOW pamphlet. and then when we finally got rid of him frasier was like, "just so you know.... we did not enjoy your company,." hahahahah i love him. After investigating the church for 10 years... we are finally going to baptize that man. oh and then we went and helped the Nyirende family build a fence out of sticks and bamboo... lets just say we probably hurt more than helped them. but it was a fun bonding experience.

Wednesday: Khumbu brought yet another friend to our lesson.... he wants to be a missionary so bad. goodness he is the greatest. He is getting baptized on the 23rd!! random event: a piece of ash flew into my mouth as we were walking and I was convinced that it was a bug so i started freaking out... no worries just ash... but it turned my whole mouth black.

Friday: We met with a less active named Jones and he told us he wants to prepare for the temple because he is going to marry A MISSIONARY FROM ARKANSAS WHO SERVED IN MY AREA AND THAT'S HOW THEY MET. WHAAAATT? mom and dad you would kill me. but they are both going to go to BYU after so we'll be besties.

Saturday: WE SAW AN ICE CREAM TRUCK DRIVE THROUGH NAPERI. NO JOKE. BEST DAY EVER. so we got some ice cream... good good day.

SUNDAY: so last week I got super excited because we had 5 investigators at church... well this week WE HAD 11...... GOODNESS WE ARE SO BLESSED. seriously i could have cried. I love them all so so much. they are all the best and I'm so lucky to watch them progress. In case you want to know their names: Brenda, Frasier, Henry, Tedson, Tenson Edwin, William, William, Mellow, Khumbu, Mendela. oh and the people that were supposed to give talks didn't show up... so guess who had to give last minute talks?? Me and Sis. Solomone....
welcome to missionary life.

Today: We taught Khumbu and he told us that a week before we walked by his house and met him, that he had a dream that he was being taught the gospel of Jesus Christ by 2 white faces... THE CHURCH IS TRUE MY

That's about it for this week..... love you my family so much and I think about you and pray for you all the time!!!

Nima ku konda kwan bili
Sister Thuey

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