Monday, October 24, 2016

The Priesthood Power is Real

Miracles are continuing to happen each and every day!!! 

So this week the Flu was going around... and of course my companion and I caught it. First it started off as just a simple cold and cough, but then Thursday evening while we were in the area i got the chills really bad and came home to a fever, once again, nothing too serious but woke up feeling still sick, but still felt the need to go out and work, but luckily the zone leaders had to stop by to pick up somethings... and after I let go of my pride, I asked for a blessing and IT WORKED. wahoooo so grateful for the priesthood, and that it has been restored back here on the earth. My testimony has been strengthened.... In the blessing Elder Kabisa kept reminding me that it was according to my faith, luckily my faith was sufficient in the eyes of my heavenly father. 

Other than that this week we were able to find 3 new families who just seem amazing. One of the families even came to chruch.
1. Brother Abdul and Sister Emily. Brother Abdul is the night guard at the church, and I guess we contacted him long ago, and then forgot.. oops. but he saw us tuesday morning at district meeting and gave us fire.. so we went to go see him and his family both Wed. and Friday and they came to church. They are truly seeking for the truth, and I think they loved church. We're hoping to ut htem on date for the 20th of November. 
2. Winston and Grace. An old retired couple who are super educated, and Winston loves cracking jokes. Reminded me of Frasier back in Blantyre. They were taking notes our entire lesson.... love it. 
3. Sister and Brother Kasambwe. Probably one of the sweetest  couples. We contacted her at the ATM, and she invited us over. She lives in the super nice area, and when we get there she introduces us to her husband, and when i asked him his name, "I don't remember" turns out he had a stroke last year.... He was once an electrical engineer living a normal life and then BAM a stroke... but he can now walk and understand what you're saying. Then we later learn that her son was stabbed when he was 17 while he was visiting the village.... such a sad story. So we felt prompted to share the plan of salvation, and right as we started she stopped us to call the rest of the family to come listen. The spirit much have touched her. on the extra plus side... she gave us a coke and samoosa. 

We were able to teach Paul about the Plan of Salvation this week. and when we followed up on the Book of Mormon he was like, "I'm already on 1 Nephi 9 (after only like 2 days) and I love it. This book is true. I was skeptical at first, but this inspires me so much." This kid.... it's true that the Lord prepares people in his own timing. Then while we were teaching him about Repentance we read about the Sons of Mosiah together in the Book of Mormon and he was soo touched, and was like, "i'm so excited to get to this part" also when we followed up on conference he said one of his favorite talks was, "where else shall we go?" by Ballard. This kid isn't even a member yet, but he already knows that there is no where else to go. If we can teach him everything he'll be baptized on the 6th! 

Brother Mfune and Mpatso: So Brother Mfune was confirmed last week, adn we've been teaching his neighbor Mpatso. When we show up on wednesday we tell bro. Mfune that we're going to teach them together, and brother Mfune was almost offended and was like, "wait... i'm so much more advanced than him" hahahahah we were dying... so now we know he wants an individual lesson on his own. Mpatso is progressing very well, and Brother Mfune gave a powerful talk about repentance at church on Sunday and they're extending him a calling in the Elders Quorum!!! 

John. He is so sweet... but has a rough group of friends. We taught WOW AND LOC this week and turns out he is addicted to alcohol... we had no idea.... so I wasn't going to ask if he needed help with anything but then of course out of my mouth came the question, "Do you have a problem with any of these substances?" and he confessed that he did.... we're hoping and praying that he can get the strength to stop so he can be baptized. 

Other random things
An investigator dropped us this week because his pastor is going to give him money. come on man.... money or salvation? Missionary work is interesting folks. 
Brother Banda told us that he is going to tell his pastor that he is switching churches. HUGE DEAL. I love this family... the wife is still a pastor and not willing to give up her church, but she loves having us over. He told us to pray that the pastor allows it... I just keep thinkikng... "Brother Banda you are a grown man, I think you can make your own decision."But pray for him:) 

Well this week I was studying Amulek and Zeezrom. Zeezrom tempts him to deny his testimony and Amulek doesn't even think twice. it made me contemplate my own testimony,.... would i think twice if someone was bribing me or tempting me. I had to look deep into my own testimony and realize that no, i can never deny it. I hope we can all be like Amulek and stand strong to our beliefs no matter what the circumstance. 

ps i'll be emailing early next week because of MLC.

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