Monday, October 10, 2016


But on the plus side... mangos are getting ripe. :) 

Wowie as usual this week flew by and it was just too good!! I love the Kalambo East area and we are just seeing sooo many miracles. Even yesterday we had many members of the branch come up to us and thank us for the hard work we were doing. Never in other branches has that really happened before, so it was definitely a rewarding day. 

Mcphearson Gift Mfune was baptized! i can definitely say that it was a highlight of the week!! Let me just tell you a little bit more about this amazing man! So we kept having meetings come up this week so we couldn't meet with him, but we finally met with him late saturday evening the day before his baptism. First we show up and see all these hand written notes on the table, which he explained are notes about the Bible and how to understand it better, then we see one that catches our eye, "Doctrine of Mormonism" hmmm... where did you find this Brother Mfune? oh he just went to the local library and copied down the whole book hahahaha. He just LOVES knowledge, and even though some things were a little false and lots of DEEP DOCTRINE, he still came for his baptism. But then we were teaching about prayer and he stopped us and was like, "can I bear testimony on that?? I have never prayed so sincerely until you started coming, and when I asked God if I should be baptized I felt so encouraged, and now I can never look back on this decision. It is worth any sacrifice, even my fiance is trying to tear me down, and she reported me to my pastor and they keep coming over trying to meet with me, but my decision is made and I am so happy." and then after his baptism he thanked me and my companion like 10 times. He will be a branch president one day. 

Kondwani: came to church this week!!! I love showing up for his lessons because he truly prepares himself, and always thoroughly reads his pamphlets. You always know if they actually read the Restoration pamphlet because they will automatically ask about the Book of Mormon at the beginning of the lesson. 

Paul: paul paul paul paul paul. This young man is just incredible, and full of words! His family is athiest, so we couldn't see him this week... but by the end of the week he finally got permission for us to come to his house to teach him, but we're just not allowed to teach his family. He has already been fellowshipped by the members so well, and has come to church the past 2 weeks. Hopefully we'll be able to teach him this week. 

John Dickson: So we met John on the street the other week, and when he saw the restoration pamphlet he asked to see our Bible. and he was super skeptical... but we saw him this week and explained the Book of Mormon and then he came to church... even though he had Malaria!!! and when he showed up... turns out his grandpa is a member of the church and they were so excited to see each other. 

Willy and Chrissy passed their baptismal interviews and will be baptized in between conference sessions this week:) They are a recent converts children so it's always nice to have the whole family become members... even if it's pangono pangono!! 

Others who came to church was Tapiwa and Dave and Willard!!! 

Wednesday: yo it was HOT. and we walked and walked and walked in the sun, and there was no electricty so none of the water they were selling was cold. We walk down to find an investigator who doesn't have a phone and he wasn't even there:( so then we start walking alllll the way back and of course more gulle wa kullu running our way with machetes in their hand, luckily we had a member with us which told us just to step to the side and hide behind a house. and then of course 3 more came... these people!! 

Sister Gwebu's birthday: a highlight of the week as well!! So we had planned to take her out to dinner that night, but we made this huge drama out of it (my companion rocks at that) and pretended like the zone leaders had to meet us at the mall to talk about transfers that something seemed super serious so we had to pick them up from their area early, then we had signs set up at spur for her birthday and when she got there she started crying she was so happy. it was fun:) 

Prospective Missionaries: We have about 14 young men working on their mission papers and they're my favorite!! Yesterday we were with 3 of them, and so we decided to have them teach us The Restoration and do a role play. oh boy.... sooo funny but they tried so hard. And they teach just like us haha because they come teaching with us so much. They all wanted to show off that they knew the First Vision so ALL 3 OF THEM quoted it int he first vision... and by the 3rd time i was laughing sooo hard. and they were wearing our nametags and just soo happy... a picture will be included. 

All in all this week was amazing as usual. There is just something special about being a missionary for the Lord Jesus Chirst. I've made it a goal to learn as much of Him as i can before I go home. I started reading Jesus The Christ again, and I know that He lives, and because He lives we all have hope. I was studying a talk this morning about the differences between weaknesses and sins, it's crazy as a missionary that you are keeping all the commandments, but yet you are more aware of your weaknesses than you ever have been before. I have many, but I know that through this experience i've grown so much. Tuesday evening we were driving home, and the Botha family had just fed us nsima with small fish (my least favorite) but i was so much filled with joy. Eating out of a small dish all together, in the pitch dark because no electricity, it just truly helps you understand what is truly truly important in this life. The gospel, and families. 

Love you all!! 

Sister Thueson

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