Monday, October 3, 2016

Gule wa Kullu and getting DROPPED

wow wow wow this week was one for the books!! 

I wish I had words to explain everything that happened!! 

First... transfer calls and I'm staying together with Sister Mooks!! time to work hard and labor in the vineyard for the last time! 

Tuesday: We saw Willard and we had to postpone his baptism until his wedding, so we have a wedding planned for this Saturday!! wahooo:) WE had a really great lesson with him, we were reading MOroni 6 and talking abut how the Lord expects us to sacrifice and he said, "I want to sacrfice my life for this gospel" mphamvu! Even ready to go to the temple:) His prayer was sooo sweet. Probably one of the most sincere prayers talking about how things keep getting in the way of his baptism, and how he just wants to be baptized. keep praying that we can just get him married so he can be! Then Tuesday we had lots of fall throughs and the member who we were working with looks at me and was like, "Don't get discouraged Sister Thueson... remember what you taught in district meeting this morning?" Wow... getting chastized by myself. btw he always attends our district meeting, and i had presented that morning on a successful missionary

Gule wa Kullu: so the cool thing about going half way around the world is learning of different cultures and traditions. And i think this is the most interesting one so far. Soo... i'm attaching pictures that i found on google (because if you take pictures they will chase you) but it's a culture in the chewa tribe... They dress up like the pictures show, and they do these dances and stuff at a graveyard, and all these crazy rituals, and they don't really believe in God... oh and they chase people around with knives and sticks and they want money. anywho, so Thursday night we go to pick up Rose to take us teaching and we see all these people and they're all talking really loud... and we ask Rose what is up and she was like "Gule wa kullu!" and my companion starts freaking out.. and we see them pass by chasing these kids so we run in the house, then after they pass we start walking fast to the car because if they see that you're scared they will chase you..  but then they see us and so we start running and they start following yo yo yo i have never got in the car so fast. I guess there was a funeral for one of their members and when there is a funeral they all get dressed up and roam the streets, and the next day Rose told us that they would be EVERYWHERE. but the problem is we had people that we had to see in that area, so we said like 10 prayers that night, and the next day we only saw a couple but we kept our distance and they never saw us:) 

DROPPED: So we had these 2 investigators who you have probably read about in prior emails. Bro Chikulo and Anita. Brother Chikulo has been coming to church for the past 6 weeks I think and was supposed to get baptized on the 16th, and then Anita his neighbor was the one who was filling out the answers on the back of pamphlets. 
So we werent' able to meet with either of them last week, then this week we show up on wednesday to see Anita and you could just see that she was sad, just not her happy self. She said how people from her church told her that she would be punished if she kept letting us into her home, so she told us never to come back. it was pitch black, and my companion and I asked if we could pray with her but she wouldn't let us in her home, so we knelt down on the dirt floor and offered probably the most sincere prayer i've ever prayed just praying that she'll get the courage to stand up to her neighbors. 
THEN: we show up on Sunday to teach Brother Chikulo and once again you could see a complete change in his countenance. He was soo angry, and he was even drunk, and he was telling us that he doesn't need the Book of Mormon he only needs the Bible, and how our church doesn't teach anything that is good and shun shun shun. We have been out of Book of Mormons so we asked for his back... i was so mad. I straight up told him he was making a mistake... and the poor prospective missionary that was with us was trying so hard to help him. but i was finished... Shake the dust off the feet. Oh well, i was grateful that I could bear my testiomny of the Book of Mormon to him, and hopefully one day it will ring in his ear again. 

Banda Family:  we had a powerful lesson with Brother Banda and his family this week. Brother banda keeps inviting new people to our lessons, and one that was invited this week his name was Paul... and he was asking such inspired questions mainly about how one can repent and come back to God, or if one can truly go to far that they can't repent.... I knew he needed the Atonement. He says we can't teach him at his house because his family isn't religious, but he came to church on Sunday a whole hour early!!! 
funniest part of the lesson was when after teaching the pre-earth life I ask if they have any questions and Bro banda was like, "yes.... so why don't you wear trousers??" hahahaha so random. 

Random other things
1. taught 2 pastors in one lesson. always exciting
2. taught law of chastity to a 10 year old... when we asked him what he learned he said, "when i see something bad i close my eyes and run away." perfectr. 
3. sucked into a SDA debate with 3 SDA's verse 2 missionaries. 
4. mastered visiting teaching for the month. 

Started my 2nd to last transfer today and i keep thinking about how i'm going to miss walking on dirt roads, sitting on tiny stools, hearing "azungu bo" every 2 seconds (actually not) seeing a picture of Christ in every person's home, eating nsimal, seeing goats, chickens, and donkeys everywhere i go! 

We were able to watch the women's conference this weekend as sisters and it answered so many questions that I had had in my heart. I'm so grateful for the modern day prophets and apostles, and it makes me sad that so many people won't hear these inspired messages!

Love you all!!! 

Sister Thueson

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