Monday, September 26, 2016

The Merciful Obtain Mercy

This week was wonderful!! too much happened to explain! 

District Meeting: so in our district we have prospective missionaries come so that they can learn how to be a missionary... on tuesday we had like 10 come and then after they all recieved their mission papers to go on a mission!!! so exciting!!! 3 of them that come teaching with us almost every day! 

Willard: wowza... i wish i had words haha. So we went to go fill out his baptismal record, and when we get to the marriage part he was like... well it's complicated. i've had 2... and i explain how we're supposed to put both down, so i start writing the first wife and turns out they were only divorced 3 weeks ago... then to the 2nd wife... they were only married last week!!! whattt? oh and she is 18, but they're married, and yep! well it was only a traditional marriage... so we need to figure out if the church recognizes taht or not before he gets baptized. He was interviewed by President Kupu on Sunday and president says he is soooo ready, we just need to figure out this marriage thing! we have a plan to maybe get them married by saturday to have him baptized on sunday haha... we'llsee! 

Service on friday we went into the Elders area and helped their investigator build his house!! it's nice to have a skill where in case i don't have a house i can build one out of mud:) it really is amazing how they do it, but i was physically drained after from carrying mud adn bricks for a straight 2 hours in the heat. i was amazed that what we were making was a house, a 2 room house, which can maybe fit a twin size mattress. 

The Gift of Tongues:so obviously i'm in an English speaking mission... but i've been able to see miracles recently on helping people learn English. our recent convert blessings could barely speak english before, but we have been reading the book of mormon with him and his family, and whenever we get to a difficult word we stop and try to explaint the word, and if they can't get it then we have a member say it in chichewa, and seriously you should hear them speak english now:) and they come to church every week as a family, and now that they can understand the book of mormon we are feeling more comfortable allowing them to be baptized hopefully the beginning of next month. 

Recent converts: i got to call Frasier from Blantyre this week, and he was sooo excited. He even called me today again "just to hear my voice" hahaha and he told me that he recieved the Melchizidek Priesthood!! So powerful!! 

District Conference:  So powerful! I learned so much... mainly from prompting from teh Spirit! One impression was the desire to more fully live the law of consecration.. not just as a missionary, but the rest of my life. Then as we were singing the closing hymn in the adult session (Secret Prayer) I was completely overwhelmed with the love of these people. They were singing with so much conviction, and you could tell that they had sacrificed so much to be there as active members in the gospel... and i realized that i'm not ready to come home (sorry mom) Then the sunday session was at Golden Peacock hotel, and we had 8 investigators come!!!! (Willard, Bro Chikulo, Banet, Davie, Amayi Botha, Caesar, Christine, and Wilfred Junior) Most of them being part member families. Sister Kupu's talk mainly touched my heart about pioneers. The saints here in Malawi are truly pioneers, and in 3 generations their children will be thanking them for every sacrifice that they have made. 


Mfuni: he is doing soooo good, and the reason why he couldn't make it to chruch is because his fiance showed up with her brothers to figure out their wedding! YAY! we met his fiance and they said they'll get married before i go home:) They are super cute, and just super happy. and missioanries are going to go start to teach her. 

tender mercies:
so we worked with Innocent Friday night, and the next day at district conference he comes up to me and hands me 20 kwacha and says, "Sister Thueson, yesterday i had 20 kwacha in my pocket and when i was in your car i found 20 kwacha on the seat so i thought it had just fallen out of my pocket, but hwen i got home i realized i had 40 kwacha in my pocket, so i'm sorry that i took your money." wow it was so sweet, and i told him he could keep it because he was honest, but he rejected it. 20 kwacha is worth 2 pennies.... i was so touched at his integrity especially over something i would have never noticed... but it was at that moment that i knew he was ready to go on mission... btw we helped him fill out his papers this week:) 

funny stories:
1. a drunk guy came up to me and I was like, "how are you?" and he was like, "i'm not okay... i need love... from you!" so then as usual i pretended that i was married and he was like, "what about your sisters?" then i explain that their married... then as he was walking away the member we were working with was like, "some people are crazy" and he turns around and yells "I'M NOT CRAZY!" haha
2. at district conference after the womens breakout, sister kupu had me pass out little chocolates to the little kids, and then after there was enough for each woman to have one... and it was amazing that grown women could lie to get another small piece of chocolate. it was crazy. 
3. We were helping INnocent fill out his mission papers and we asked him what his skills are and he was like, "i only have one skill.... charging phones" hahaha because that is his business. 

anywho... i love being a missionary, and i'm grateful for every single experience that i've had. I would like to end with a few quotes that i read this week, 

"The thing God enjoys most about being God is the thrill of being merciful, especially those those who don't expect it adn often feel they don't deserve it." 
"courage, not comprimise, brings the smile of God's approval" 

I hope that we can all seek the mercy of God a little more this week, as well as have the courage to stand for what is right.

Sister Thueson

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