Monday, September 12, 2016


When you believe!!!! 


My family and friends, how happy I am to tell you about the miracles that happened this week. I'm so humbled by this week, and the hand of the Lord in our area. 

First off Blessings and Starford were baptized!!! Cutest baptism of my life... okay I probably say that all the time. But they were so happy, and Blessings mom even came with him to witness it. They were just smiling ear to ear the whole time and came in their nicest clothes. Starford was baptized by his brother, and Blessings was baptized by his neighbor Stanley!! as you'll see in the pictures they were really close. And even after Blessings baptism he asked if he'll be able to go on a mission one day... awwwwwe. and he kept telling his mom how she needs to get baptized now so they can go to the temple. 
And then we had Starford start reading the Book of Mormon, and when we followed up he was able to tell us all about first nephi 1. and so I really think that reading the Book of Mormon will help him with English. 

Chikulo: Chikulo was the street contact that we met last week and then he came to church last week, and guess what he came again!!! And he even stayed for the baptism, and then met with the Branch President after. He is powerful and will should be getting baptized on october 16th!

Willard: ahhh he is so sweet!!! We were teaching him about the Law of Chastity, and I asked if he had any problems with it and he was like, "well part of it... I like to play pool, and when I play i bet money... and i think that is bad." adorable. and even he offered to bring the sacrament bread this sunday... so sweet. 

New Families... again!!! ahhh the work of the Lord will continue until the Great Jehovah says it's done. and that is so true. We foud even more families this week... very interesting ones haha. One is a pastor, but he was sooo welcoming. His name is Roderick, and his wife Jennifer... i think he just wanted advice to use in his own church, but we'll see! The other family was a stree contact the Banda family... he used to be a pastor, but retired because he didn't agree with the doctrines in the church that he was a pastor for... pretty funny. But we had a member with us who is powerful and used to go to the same church as him and he asked how he can become a member!!! His wife is in Blantyre, but we'll see! And then lastly the Mushali family who was a referral from our recent convert Sheena! We met with them Saturday night, and he too was so ready to join the church, his wife was kinda busy during the lesson but I think they ahve some real potential! 

Mfuni: soo prepared!!! When we went to go teach him, he had a little book with all of his questions about the boko of mormon written down. And when I asked him about baptism he was like, "I'm ready whenever!!" Love the enthusiasm! 

Milanze family:  True kingdom builders. and soo humble at the same time. Brother Milanze takes every lesson so seriously, and he loves the book of mormon and will always read. he is jsut super busy with work, but he said he'll come to church this upcoming week... and this is a man who keeps his promises. 

all in all, i wish I could describe the miracles we are having but they are too hard to put into words. Grateful for this opportunity to recognize the hand of the Lord in my life each and every day. 

Sister Thueson

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