Monday, September 5, 2016


This week was full of miracles... and the funny thing about it, is at the end of each day my companion and I would always feel like not that much was accomplished, but at the end of the week when we were able to take a step back and evaluate we actually accomplished a lot!

at Mission tour they made us chant F-A-I-T-H. FAIIITTH FAIITTH 

Mission Tour: We had a great zone conference with Elder Stanley G. Ellis and his wife, along with President and Sister Kupu. I would say the theme of the conference was definitely having Faith... Faith will always proceed the miracle. and I quickly realized that I won't have any miracles if i'm not praying for specific things. and that is the goal that I've set for myself. is every morning pray for something specific that my area needs such as a new family, an opportunity to serve, someone that will accept the Book of Mormon. and after doing that, every night this past week I could look back on the day and that small specific thing that I had prayed for had happened. Missions truly are miracles in itself. Then after we had a leadership council and what I took most from that was the Lord requires change... if you have stewardship over someone or something... he requires it to change for the better. That is truly the parable of the talents. We can't just keep something how it is, but it needs to be improved. 
Then of course after the leadership training, President Kupu comes up to me and was like, "Will you stay after to have an interview with Elder Ellis?" uhhhh of course! It was really a chill interview. Obviously when he asks about my family, i have to hold back the tears, but we mainly just talked about the Zambia Lusaka Mission and then he whips out a good ol scripture that obviously the Lord wanted me to hear. D&C 112:10 "Be thou humble; and the Lord thy God shall lead thee by the hand, and give thee answer to thy prayers" He taught me that humility is vertical and horizontal. Vertically realizing that we are nothing without the Lord, and horizontally that we are "just as good as everyone else, but no better" and I love that. something I will always strive to remind myself when pride creeps into my thoughts! 

Service: We had the opportunity to do lots of service this week!!!! I love it. Tuesday night we helped a less active at his shop... coolest thing ever, he is selling salt in little plastics, and he needed help sealing the plastics. it's genius people.... all you do you wrap a spoon around it and then put it close to a candle and let it melt pangono and then bam. sealed. 
Wednesday: the Elders joined us in our area and we made BRICKS for the Mafosha family. It was so funny. so here is how you make bricks... you dig a pit of dirt. poor water on it, and then stomp in it to mix it together to make it smooth, then you put it in this model thing, and then let it out to dry. I've never been so muddy in my whole life, but it was so much fun. And the people of Area 50 were AMAZED. We had a crowd of over 40 people watching an azungu make bricks, and sometimes they get on my nerves when they try to imitate my accent haha. But no worries. 

Families: We were able to find 3 new families to teach this week!! Brother Matthews family, the Mika family, and the Chikulo family. We met Brother Matthew as he was sitting outside his house next door to a member, we contact him and we make an appointment. When we go back, it's only his wife at home and surprise SHE SPEAKS ENGLISH. it alwyas makes a missionary in malawi excited to find a woman that speaks english. But we just served her and cooked her nsima for her, and hopefully we'll be able to teach them on Wednesday. Then the Mika family, I met the father a couple weeks ago as i got lost driving in the area and asked to park the car at his house, and turns out he is a detective and we met with him and his wife and they're not really active in the church right now and we pray that they will be serious! The Chikulo family, we met the brother of the Chikulo family as we were buying a roll from a little girl, and he promised to come to church and HE CAME AN HOUR EARLY. then we met with the family last night and they are so sweet. 

Willard: He was supposed to be interviewed this week, but as we were going over the interview questions we learned that he'll have to wait to be interviewed by President Kupu at the end of September. He was soo sad, and you could tell that he truly had godly sorrow, but he was willing to wait and was excited to have someone to advise him on how to fully repent. 

Blessings/Star: Blessings and Star passed their baptismal interviews!! They will be baptized on Sunday... and after the interview all Elder Wyman could say was that he could tell how excited they were to be baptized, and truly that is all that matters. yes they are young, but they already showing so much dedication. And then Elder Tshabala brought them a white shirt and pants... they were so excited. 

Then on Saturday the Birrells took us out to spur... I had an enchilada and a brownie with icecream! can you say amazing??? Tender mercies of the lord for sure!!! 

funny stories: 
1. so we were teaching Agnus, and we had to buy some vegetables for dinner that night so i sent some little kids to the market to get some for us and i gave them 100 kwacha and told them to use 40 kwacha.. then they come back with no change... .and said they had spent it. hahaha my companion was soo mad. 
2. We got a call on Thursday in the middle of the day from Sister Kupu that she had left her earrings in their hotel, so we had to go get them for her and it's the only 5 star hotel in malawi and man. we were feeling sweet... they even gave us guave juice in a fancy glass as we were waiting. and we had just come from the area and were so dusty... haha we felt so out of place. 
3. Trying to teach a less-active named Mary... without a translator. haha our broken chichewa was hilarious, and she was just laughing at us the whole time because we made no sense. 
4. last week someone's phone was stolen at church, and so of course during fast and testimony meeting all the members get up and cry repentance. my personal favorite, "last year this church was full of love, but now this is a devil centered church" all of us missionaries just give each other the look... 

I love you all!!! Mission truly is a miracle, and I wish I could put into an email every experience that I have, but that is impossible!!! Keep reading your Book of Mormon every day even just one verse! 

Ndimakukonda Kwam biri! 
Sister Thueson

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