Monday, September 19, 2016

"We'll Sing and We'll SHOUT"

hahaha whenever the Kalambo branch sings the Spirit of God when they sing the chorus they sing at a normal volume until it says "shout." then they raise their voices and starting singing REALLY LOUD. oh my goodness it is too funny

Well this week was just fantastic. Kalombo East area is just so great, and I know the Lord is just really aware of us right now. The Kalombo branch has been going through much trials of people who were super active going innactive and trying to persuade other solid members to go with them which has really affected us, but we know Heavenly Father is providing us with those people who will build up the branch and not be a burden to it. 

Zone meeting: we had to present on how to increase convert baptisms... we have a goal to start baptizing every single week. Much faith will be needed but it is possible!!!

Exchanges: I love being able to go on exchanges with sisters. This week I went with Sister Gwebu who is still in her first transfer. She is from South Africa, and super classy. We had such a great day together in my area. She was sooo humble and so willing to learn. We had a funny funny day. 
1. we forgot the phone
2. During the mafosha family lesson he was asking such hard questions.. then he fed us nsima with ocra (one of my very least favorites... look it up) and poor sister gwebu has never had to eat with her hands before... and ocra is slimy and she was just struggling hahaha. and broter mafosha was giving her such a hard time. 
3. then we helped fetching water AND I CARRIED 18 LITERS OF WATER ON HEAD WITHOUT SPILLING. so bummed i didn't get a picture because i know you won't believe me. 
4. Then we try to go find Brother Mushali's house and all of these children were there practicing a dance, and there was like 100 of them... and when they saw me they all just ran and rushed around me, and Sister Gwebu didn't know what to do so she tries to protect me and we start running and she tripped and all the kids laughed at her. 
Definitely an exchange to remember. And at the end she was so sweet about all the things that she learned. 

Star and Blessings: They were both confirmed on Sunday and recieved the Aaronic Priesthood. and then the Deacons quorum was organized and Blessings was put as the President say whaaatttt?? But they are the sweetest, and they both came with their new white shirts, and were feeling too sweet. We are getting them to read the Book of Mormon, and we can already see their English improving. Star always gives us a very detailed report on the chapter that he reads, and it just melts the heart. 

Mfuni: man this guy is powerful. He is studying the Howard W. Hunter book, and last night he told me that he'll be the first one to district conference this next week, and that "I am patiently waiting for my baptism... i'm ready any day" 

Brother Banda: he was a street contact, and just like every malawian warmly welcomed us over. He used to be a pastor, but when we started teaching him... he loved it! He has concerns about why he needs to be baptized again (like almost every malawian) But he came to church on Sunday and smiling ear to ear the whole time. He always asks how he can become a member of the church. We'll be meeting his wife this week who is a pastor so that should be interesting. 

Service: This was the biggest  miracle of the week.  saturday night late we were heading to our last appointment and i turned into the area and a car was stopped with its hazards on.. so i just really felt to stop and ask if all was okay, which normally i don't do at night because scary, but i did and he said he was out of petrol and so he asked if we could go get him some and we did and then we got his number after and he said he stayed in ARea 50... he asked what we were doing and we said we were missionaries, then we call him that night to see if we could see him on sunday and he was like, where is your church? and then guess what? he came to church on sunday and we're going to go teach his family on Wednesday!!!! It's so amazing what small acts of kindness can do. That is something that I"ve really been trying to improve on, is giving to those who don't have what i've been blessed with. Obviously I've experienced so much that has changed my life, but what i would say most is just simply stopping and helping when someone is in need. 

Anita and Christoper: a new family that we found. She one day sat in on Chikulo's lesson, and then she starting ansering us... IN ENGLISH. and we're like whaaat? she speaks english? so then we give her some pamphlets... we went last night, and she had answered all the questions in the back, and had used the index of the book of mormon to learn the definitions for words. and her husband is really sweet as well... english is a small problem with him, but hers is really good. They want to be baptized and want to be members! When we asked if they would be baptized October 23rd she quickly said yes, and then when we asked abambo she was like, "oh he's ready!" hahahah love it. Please pray for them!!! 

So much more happened.. but that is just a sneak peek. Life is great!!! 

Ndimakukondani kwam biri!!! 

Sister Thueson

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