Monday, August 29, 2016

Sista Ana Amuna Awiti

My name got worse..... now instead of saying "two sons" they now say "two son" but in chichewa.... hahaha Sista ana amuna awiti. Well... that is only one lady. but still... 

Well this week was great, and full of lots of meetings...... and it was transfers so we had to help transport sisters and such, but still a good week! 
We are having mission tour this week, and Elder Ellis is coming tomorrow to have a conference, flat inspections, and interviews with the missionaries here in Lilongwe, so we all gotta be in tip top shape!! 

This week I had to take over the area.... and after so many prayers, I actually only got lost maybe once. But I quickly learned that this is pretty much a whitewash... many people who I don't know who they used to be teaching, and they weren't in the area book, and so this week and for the next coming weeks we are focusing on finding and creating centers of strengths. We had quite a few fall throughs, and few back ups, but of course Heavenly Father continues to show us miracles each day where you have absolutely no room to complain. That is something i've learned in my missionary work.... even if all day it seems like everything goes wrong, there is always something that goes right. Even if it was just a really great personal study you had that morning:) 

Well we had a powerful lesson with the Milanze family on Monday evening!! I had the 2 other sisters with me, and even they couldn't deny that they are so prepared!! The probllem was they travel a lot because he works for the agricultural department! He was asking such inspired questions, and loves reading the Book of Mormon. Definitely prepared for the gospel!!! then of course i get home Monday evening with a pounding headache.... take an ibeprofun and end up puking all night, fell asleep with my nametag on and everything. Best part of the whole story was that we were in a threesome, me Sister Mulomba, and Sister Brown, and Sister Brown was up packing and she felt guilty that I had fallen asleep in my own room because we're all supposed to sleep in the same room, so she brought her mattress out into the hallway and slept there hahahahah #exactobedience But i woke up feeling like a champ which kept my perfect record of never having to stay in for sickness!! 

We took Sister Brown to the bus station on Tuesday, and then I was in the sisters area for the rest of the day! Wednesday picked up my companion and Sister Gwebu (brand new trainee) from the airport! And then i took my companion straight to work! 

Star: Star is progressing so well!! he is 12 and just powerful, he always reads what we give him and is always to church! he'll be baptized on the 11th of September along with Blessings another young boy! Both of them being part member families! 

Brother Magombo: He is the land lord for 2 members and he is Jehovahs Witnesses.. but he is so funny. He doesn't want us to teach him, but he came up to us this week and was like, "Sisters... I was talking with this woman and she said she is confused about religions, and I told her that I knew missionaries for the true church, and here is her number" hahah He is the best! 

meetings: we had some trainings from the assistants about key indicators, and turns out we had all been reporting things wrong this whole time... oops!!! and then zone leadership council, and then a meeting with sister kupu about the sisters! but meetings help us become more effective in our proselyting efforts! 

less-actives: We have seen miracles with some of the less-actives we are working with! One is now activated and they are preparing to go to the temple next month (Sister Gondwe). And we had a less-active that no one even knew who has come to church the past 2 weeks!! 

BBQ: We had a nice relaxing Saturday (weird) where we had a BBQ at the senior couples as a zone before the senior couple goes home next week!! Even the mission president came, and then we had a choir practice because Elder Ellis wants us to sing at the mission tour.... now none of you will believe this, but guess who they asked to give the tune... ME. TONE DEAF SISTER THUESON. and they made me sing it in front of all of them to get the tune. oh boy oh boy. 

funny stories:
1. The guard came and was asking me, "are you, you? " and so of course i answer... " I AM ME" hahaha and for some reason us sisters can't stop laughing about it 
2. We got a talk to study for mission tour about locking our heart and not looking at boys while we're serving hahaha... so now when all of our missionaries see each other we always remind each other to lock our hearts. 

tender mercies:
1. REUNION. A member (Maria) from Blantyre was up in Lilongwe, and visited Kalombo branch! it was soooo good to see her! 
All in all, things are going very well! Continue to pray for the Kalombo branch, because there are some issues as usual, but they could always use your prayers! 
I'm grateful to be a missionary. it amazes me every day. 

Ndimakukonda kwam biri,
Sister Thueson

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