Monday, August 15, 2016

Beach Vacation

hahaha Jk... went to the Lake and put my toes in the water. That's as close as we can get as missionaries:) I forgot my journal... so i'll try to remember things but it might be hard. 

First of all, Blessings passed his baptismal interview and will be getting baptized on Sunday!! he is soooooo prepared. Such a strong testimony. Always reads his Book of Mormon, and is trying to finish it by the end of the month. The sad thing is, is that he is at teacher in a different province so he'll be leaving at the end of the month to go back, but he is so strong that I know he won't lose his testimony. 

Biyane family: a less-active family who were refugees from Burundi... and we had a really sad lesson with them saying that they can't come back to the church because the members don't like refugees.... it broke my heart. 

Sola: this guy is amazing, but crazy!! he read the whole Book of Mormon in 2 weeks! but he is a church hopper... he will go to any church he is invited to

Milanze family!! I just love them!! We just started teaching the amayi and abambo, and we had such a powerful lesson with them about the Atonement... we decided just to end the lesson during the Plan of Salvation because the spirit was so strong, and at the end abambo was like, "when you come next time, I really want you to explain more fully about why we have to go through trials if Christ already suffered?" you could tell he was really pondering, and then at the end of the lesson he asked the member there where the church was... they didn't come but I still see so much potential!! 

Banana family: we're teaching a family who the father is Jehovah's Witness, and mom is a catholic. He is sooo nice to us, but the only thing he disagrees on is that politicians shouldn't be allowed in the church... but he will listen to us, and loves to learn. But he doesn't like contention, so when he doesn't agree with something he writes us little letters. it's really funny. and so we respond to him with little letters... haha he is the landlord to 2 of our members. 

Lake Malawi: So we made a nice little road trip this morning out to Lake Malawi! I guess it is the 7th biggest fresh water lake in the world... #funfacts. And we gotta walk in the sand:) awwwwe it was so nice. and it was sooo beautiful! 

Funny stories:
Hot season is starting to come.... and there was this one day where all i wanted was a milkshake from KFC, i think i talked about it in between every single lesson... and we were able to teach 8 lessons that day and we still had a little time before curfew and so we went and got one in a DRIVE-THRU. haven't been in one of those for 14 months.. it was cool. 

There were many other miracles as always, but I can't remember because I forgot my journal!!!! 

I love you all!! Have a great week! 

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