Monday, August 22, 2016

Sista Two-a-Son

So everyday in Proper in Area 49 there is a little girl who is the watch girl, and the second she sees me she yells out like a watchmen on a tower, "A ZUN GU" and within 5 seconds there are 30 children running out yelling, "SISTA TWO A SON SISTA TWO A SON" and then they patiently wait for stickers. like it's adorable for a couple days... now I use a different way hahaha. 

anywho this week was really good! 

I just dropped my sweet companion off at the airport and she will be back in Zimbabwe tomorrow... oh how much i grew to love her in just a short 2 weeks!! She served so faithfully until the last day, and her last testimony at church made me realize how much more i want to take advantage of every single day I have as a missionary! 

First of all, 

Blessings was baptized!!! awwwe he is so powerful! He was so prepared... I'm not sure how many other missionaries feel this way, but most of my recent converts were so just incredibly prepared... like you didn't have to do anything to "convince" them that the gospel was true. But they were led by the spirit, and ready to accept and act upon this wonderful message. any who... we get to the church and at the end of sunday school we realize the baptismal font wasn't filled up soooo all hands on deck. We get the hose going and everyone starts grabbing buckets to fill it up. Even the little primary kids were carrying buckets on their head. Then I totally ruined the opening hymn because i tried to sight read.. yikes. Then during the baptism his brother Wilfred (recent convert) baptized him and just DUNKED him so fast. like my eyes were still closed from the prayer that i missed the baptism. but the witnesses were just laughing, but they said it was all good.  Then when blessings got up to bear his testimony he took a hymn book and his book of mormon and was quoting from them! POWERFUL. 

Other great things happened this week! we had 8 come to sacrament meeting, Blessings, Blessings, Dave, Willard, Star, Anthony, Gift, and Marko! Pray for them:) and 4 who are on date for September 11th... we might ahve to push 2 of them back because we might not be able to teach them everything in time! Love the potential in this area! 
Our less-active Thoko gave us 2 referrals who live in the main house where he stays and they are SOLID. Marko and Gift and they both came to church, and they loved it!!!

mormon helping hands: such a great turn out!!! over 30 people from our branch came to clean the police department. I ended up scrubbing the nastiest shower ever, but it ws fun! and the police officers were very appreciative!!! We also gave them a lot of pamphlets to give to the suspects to read!! 
We were also able to lots of other service this week, people potatoes, washing, and filling up oil containers! funs stuff!!! 

young women: Every branch I get to, i automatically feel an attachment to the young women!! I love working with them and bringing them teaching with us! maybe it's because I want them to serve a mission one day, but they are so sweet, and they make so many sacrifices. many of them are the only members in their family! 

1. we were doing service by sweeping an investigators house, and a bird pooped on my companion. dying. 
2. FHE with the Nzema family. First of all, the power wasn't working and then the 8 year old said a prayer and then it started working. he started running around yelling, "IT'S A MIRACLE" hahaha

All in all, 
I love you all!! There are so many miracles happening in this area, and so much potential!! I know God is aware of this area, and as we stay faithful he will continue to put those who are prepared in our path. 

Sister Thueson

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