Monday, August 1, 2016

4th Corner

Welcome to the world Millie Tracy Dance:) so excited to meet you in just a short 4 and a half months!!! 

imagine it's a nice saturday evening... you just finish closing the day and planning for tomorrow and BAM phone call from President Kupu, "Hello Sister Thueson... next week you'll be coming down for mission leadership council... and I want you to pack your bags because you're not going back." okay.... tears come. Wasn't expecting that. but I"m transferred!!! int he middle of the transfer to go to Lilongwe... back to my homeland of Malawi, and I was sad at first obviously to be leaving Ndola but i'm very excited now! especially cause in the flat i'm moving too THERE IS A WASHING MACHINE. after 14 months i finally get a washing machine again!!
Well this week was great! oh how I love the city of Ndola!
We had some great success!! First big news is that Lucky, Jeff, and John all passed their baptismal interviews yesterday and will be baptized on the 14th!! They are all so excited! Bummed that I'll miss their baptism, but grateful for the opportunity that I've had to teach them.
Other than that we had a relief society activity where of course when I look at the program... who is doing the traditional dancing? the sister missionaires. Don't worry I rocked it. PSYCH.
Had to go down to Lusaka for immigration so that took some time out of our area... all in all life is good. The Chibessa family came to chruch besides the dad... so keep praying for them!! 

funny stories: 
1. We get to the Mpundus on Tuesday evening and when we get out of the truck there had been a little boy in the back teh whole time!! whaat? we start yelling at him and he was just so obnoxious. and all these other little kids started asking for sweets and saying they wouldn't leave until we gave them sweets. so my companion goes and grabs a cooking sticks and chases them down threatening to beat them hahaha and then she talked it out with them and said how next time she'll bring a sweet if they don't touch the car... so then they left. 5 minutes later we hear boys outside the house and they had one of their friends pushed on the floor yelling, "he touched the truck! beat him!! " hahah and teh poor little boy was in tears thinking that my companion was actually gonna beat him. oh little boys. 
2. In my departing testimony in the branch I said, "I'm so grateful for my son Jesus Christ" that got the branch laughing

Love you all! excited for a new adventure back in malawi! 
Sister Thueson

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