Monday, July 25, 2016

Do You Like Your Water Clear or Brown??

So they have been re-doing our parking lot in our flats... and the tar got down into the well.... so now all of our water is brown/black? nasty. I'll include a picture. yes we showered in it hahahah DESPERATE. 

Definitely a week full of ups and downs.... ups and downs and downs and ups. But you gotta love missionary work am i right? 

Chibessa family: you'll obviously be hearing about them for a while.... They are so cute! We go on tuesday and Brother Chibessa shows up with a braizer for us because we told him we didn't have one. So now when we don't have power or water in the morning I get to heat up water to bath. GO BROTHER CHIBESSA. and then we were teaching about tithing and he asks, "is it a sin if I want to pay 30% of my income to tithing?" so cute.... seriously this family is so great. Except Brother Chibessa got hurt on saturday., and Ivy had to take care of him... so they didn't come to church:( But we still have a lot of confidence in them. 

FHE. This week we had FHE with the Mpundus!! We played "don't eat pete" and talked about the FTSOY, and Mercy was asking for another one because she had given hers to her potential boyfriend and referred him to the section of dating. YOU GO MERCY. 

John is doing so good!! He even has his baptismal date wrriten on the back of his pamphlets. We also gave him a For the Strength of Youth and he was like, "wow... I'm really going to have to change because of what is written here... I have to change a lot in my life." I love that desire!!! Seriously God can work with anyone who has a willing heart! D and C 64:34! 

Elisha.... man on man my heart is broken. They are having major marriage problems, he moved out of the house, and is no where to be seen. Satan really works so hard on recent converts and it kills me. Keep praying for him and Tina. 

Chalwe family: such a humbling lesson! Sister Chalwe has been a member for a couple of years... her husband passed away a couple years ago, but last year she went with her three young kids to get sealed to her late husband. They walk about an hour to church every week, and she is the primary president. We went over and we sang all of their favorite hymsn.. and even the 5 year old had some of the hymns memorized and was singing it with so much pride. It's probably the only english they know but it's so cute. then...... nshima comes out. with CAPENTA. my companion and mine least favorite. seriously... small fish i can't even do it. But no option... it's dished out in front of us and ENABLING POWER OF THE ATONEMENT... comes in and it didn't even taste bad. both of us actually kinda liked it. 

Miriam was baptized!!!!!  so so cute!! obvioulsy it started 90 minutes late, but who cares cause it happend!!!! But the water was soooo cold, and miriam just starts crying when she gets in the water because she was so cold, and she was so rigid that her elbows were sticking up out of the water so she had to be baptized 6 times... poor girl, she looked traumatized. haha but after she was really happy, and she gave a really cute testimony:) 

Love you all!! Love the gospel and I love being a missionary! 
Sister T

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