Monday, July 11, 2016

Am I Living in Zambia or Antarctica??

IT'S SO SO SO COLD HERE. Seriously... all of us during relief society were wrapping chitenges around us and huddling up together to get warm. 

This week was really really good!! Miracles are always happening! 

Kupus: We met our new mission president, his wife, and their 17 year old son!! They are soooo great and so sweet!!! We had a great devotional with them about how we can more fully use Preach My Gospel, the missionary handbook, and the Book of Mormon! pretty crazy because recently the spirit prompted me to be studying all 3 of those during my personal study every day... not just in companionship study, and then just a month or 2 later when President comes he tells us to start doing it!! Our interview was a short one, just to get to know each other and ask simple questions and then after Sister Kupu came teaching the Samba family with us!! It was sooo powerful... Brother Samba was like, "so what will happen next after I find out if the Book of Mormon is true?" and normally I would have gone into some deep thing like how he'll get baptized or something and all she said was, "The spirit will tell you what is next" so profound yet so true. Truly the spirit guides us each and every day if we let it. 

Chibessa family: THEY ARE ON DATE FOR AUGUST 13TH!!! seriously such a great family! We went to go teach them on Tuesday... But God always has a different plan and only the wife was home... so we were able to teach her the Restoration and almost catch her up with her family... she had been having concerns about the Book of Mormon, but we were able to clarify that and.... THEY CAME TO CHURCH AS A FAMILY. They were late... but still a big step in the right direction.. they even live pretty far away but they even brought a friend to church. Miracles are so apparent everywhere. 

Mumba family: Most humbling experience of my life. So Brother Mumba has been a member for a couple years now... and right when I got here he went less-active... But about 6 weeks ago he started coming to church again and hasn't missed a week. I asked if we could come visit him and turns out the reason why he hadn't been coming is they shifted over an hour away. He has a 10 year old (Lucky) 8 year old (Jeff) and a 6 year old (Adice) and he is raising them on his own. Lucky got the malaria that stays with you the rest of your life and it has made him deaf, and gave him a permanent limp. Yet they still come every single week.. I asked President Kupu what to do and he said he still needs baptism... as long as he can indicate that he wants to then we can. So yesterday we taught them using pictures (thanks mom and dad for the picture book) and every time we showed a picture of Jesus he was just get a big smile on his face and go "yesu kristu!!!" and then we we showed him a picture of baptism he started smiling and gave us a thumbs up. Seriously it was the most adorable thing ever... Jeff and Lucky will get baptized in August. 

Aubrey: The most frustrating lesson of my whole entire life. He is the husband to the relief society president and they live soooo far away but we go because he is a part member and she is so active and has the strongest desire for him. So we go and we're following up on the plan of salvation and he didn't remember a single thing. He even asked the questions, "so you're saying we're going to live again" UGGGHHHH haha I seriously almost lost it. I was so frustrated.. 

Brother Mpundu recieved the Melchizedek Priesthood!! *sister T starts crying during sacrament meeting and the branch president just gives me the weirdest look* 

Funny stories:
1. so everyone in Ndola branch knows when transfer calls will be coming... and Brother Justin a recent convert was with us on Thursday and he was like, "Sister Thueson... I need a snap with you because i'm going to Congo and you'll be leaving so i might not see you again" okay brother justin... trying to prophecy or something haha. So one of the pcitures you see is that. 
2. I CUT MY HAIR. yomo.
3. Teaching the Nonde girls.... How many prophets are there? Lydia: 2!!! Chariot: 3!! Me: "who are these prophets?" Lydia: Thomas S Monson and Joseph Smith... Chariot: "and Innocent!!" Sister Ratema: "Innocent?" Chariot: "yeah!! Enoch was a prophet!" hahahha me i just died. so cute... 

I've recently been finishing up the New Testament, and it's so amazing how the gospel never changes. It was the same in the ancient days with the apostles as it is today!!! The gospel is perfect, but the ministers never will be, and that's the best part about it!! Crazy how much I love being able to see what I've learned from the many many many mistakes I make each day. Grateful for the Atonement! 

That was my week!! Love you all!!! 
Sister Thueson

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