Monday, July 4, 2016

I Love Africa

Well family this week was so great!!!! I love the Great Zambia Lusaka mission!! but i forgot my planner and journal so we'll see how well i remember everything.
1. I HELD A PYTHON WHAAAATT?? my fear of snakes is now panono.... weirdly eenough i'm still more scared of fish than snakes. 
2. Our new mission president arrived this past week!! President and Sister Kupu! They're coming up to the copperbelt tomorrow and i'm so excited to meet them!! we'll be having interviews on Wednesday! 
3. our branch is too busy to hold a baptism this week so we had to push it back 2 weeks:( But Miriam, John, and Natasha should be getting bapited on the 23rd! 

Well... good things are happening in the Ndola East area... always trials but always tender mercies as well.
We put the Chibessa family on date this past week for August 13th and we finally met the wife!!! She is really cute and even though our first lesson with her was the Word of Wisdom she accepted! they didn't come to church.... don't know why yet, but i still have so much faith for them!!!
We met with that family who contacted us for the Book of Mormon... they are good... well the wife is. haha the husband.... is ready to bible bash. We took Brother and Sister Thole yesterday to teach the Restoration, and we invited them to be baptized and the wife said yes right away, and then the husband was like disgusted with the idea... and at the end of the lesson he was like, "next time you come... i'm going to teach you." and my companion just starts busting up laughing so i start smacking her leg... awkard. But then to make everything even worse... the first time they bring us out coffee (on wednesday) so we have to explain to them that we don't drink it... then on sunday they bring juice for us... awkwakrd it was fast sunday... and of course Brother Thole was like, "maybe the missionaries would like to go first..." thanks brother thole... obviously sister thole took charge and explained that we were fasting.
The Mwiinga family:
sooo we have a recent convert Selina Mwiinga... and her whole family used to be tuaght but she was the only one who ended up getting baptized... but then her 2 sisters just got re interested and came to church on sunday and told us they want to be baptized now!!!! whaaaat?? Super exciting!!
John... hahah John.... He asks the funniest questions during our lessons. Like I wish I could even describe his questions... but he cares so much about the gospel and he already refers to the church as "his church" cute stuff..
Trials: So we had been teaching Betha, her older brother and younger brother. and I guess some of their neighbors called their mom in a different province and talked bad about the church so now they're not allowed to learn anymore:(
Preparation day: TODAY WAS SWEET. I saw a giraffe family, and held a snake. and then we went to something called the International Trade fair... it's like I was at a carnival back home, and there were all these dancers from differenct african countries. super cool. This continent rocks.
anywho! LOVE YOU ALL. I love being a missionary!! sorry to all you who I couldn't individually respond to today.... forgive me! We had no time today!! Love you! oh and apology for the pciture of me holding a baby....
Sister T

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