Monday, June 27, 2016

1 Corinthians 9:20-22

This scripture has definitely been my theme of the week!!!  we need to adapt to the positive cultures of where we are serving!! 
20 And unto the Jews became as Jew, that might gain thJews; to them that are under the law, as under the law,thamight gain them that are under the law;
 21 To them that are without law, as without law, (being not without law to God, but under the law to Christ,) that might gain them that are without law.
22 To the weak became as weakthat might gain the weak: am made all things to all men, that might by all means save some.
Miracles after miracles after miracles!! Wow it's so great to be a missionary!! 
Tina: (elisha's wife) well... her progression is coming slowly but surely! She knows EVERYTHING. we started reviewing lessons with her, and she was pretty much teaching us!! AND SHE PRAYED PEOPLE!!! and it was a very sincere prayer... I was in tears. ahh darn it these people steal my heart. But she promised to come to church... and she didn't. but it's okay... Elisha just needs to give her a little push. He is on a job search right  now, so he is never home. 
Chibessa Family: So this family was a referral from Brother Justin a recent convert. Brother Chibessa is the one who pays for Brother Justin's transport each week for church... I guess they used to be drinking buddies... then they both found Christ, and changed their lives. Cool story!! but We have been teaching this family for about a month now! They have 5 daughters, but one is in Lusaka! And miracle... we invited them to be baptized and they accepted and then HE CAME TO CHURCH with his 2 daughters!!! and he said he'll come next week!! We need to meet the wife, but they'll get put on date for August 13th
Miriam: Cutest little girl will be getting baptized on July 9th!!! 
Samba family: okay so you all know the Samba family... well we put them on date for July 23rd... if they start coming to church. But THE CHURCH IS SO TRUE. So we were showing them pictures of the temple... and they got really nervous with the oxen around the baptismal font (they thought it was idols or something)... we didn't have an answer for them right then, but of course the church always has an answer... and it's straight in the old testament! We were able to answer their question, and man they were so happy.. and me i was jumping up and down i was so proud... haha shout out to seminary manuals. 
Musonda: he is the guy that came to church last week because he heard MOTAB! and he came again, and we taught him and he is so prepared!!! He said that he always listens to motab, and it brought him up when he was in a low place in his life. He is really really good and we're planning on putting him on date for August. 
We also had another guy named Aaron who we simply just contacted at the Simanwes house forever ago who was trying to bible bash with me come to church... and he had read the Restoration pamphlet and already has the strongest testimony of the church, and during gospel principles class he was bearing testimony of the Book of Mormon! Crazy! He is moving down to Lusaka, so hopefully he gets taught by the Elders down there. 
Finally the last greatest miracle ever. So we get home last night, and the sisters had sent us a referral. His name is Bright and he found the Book of Mormon a while ago, so he contacted Church Headquarters online, and they gave him the sisters number, but he is actually in our area... and he has a FAMILY. oh my goodness we started jumping up and down... God really does prepare his children for the gospel. We'll be meeting him on Wednesday:) 
funny stories: 
1. we show up to see Selina, and there are all these youth there practicing this line dance... obviously me and my companion start joining, and hey these people can dance... oh and shake it hard core. there are some pretty funny videos of me trying to dance like them.... But hey i've just adapted to their culture:) 
2. after Selina's, we go teach her neighbor named Russell.. we taught him once last week, and then when we went this week he was like, "oh I invited 5 friends" They all show up and..... PASTORS. hahahahah oh boy... Just trying to restrain myself from a Bible Bash. But we kept our cool... and it was actually a decent lesson. But just the way they talk you can tell that they are pastors. 
3. We were at Tina's house and before we started the lesson we were showing her pilates... i dunno why. and my companion just DROPS IN THE SPLITS. oh my goodness i died laughing. 
4. We were teaching the Plan of Salvation to John... and he starts asking questions like, "Does God look like a grandpa?" "Will I be able to date in the next life?" "Do spirits eat nshima?" They were all sincere questions but I couldn't stop laughing. my badddddd.. 
That was my week!! Families truly can be together forever!!!! Too many pcitures to explain from the past 2 weeks!! Love being a missionary, and I love this gospel! It makes perfect sense to the heart and the mind. That's the beautiful thing about it! Love you all!! have a wonderful week! 
Sister T

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