Monday, June 6, 2016

The Miracle of a Mission

Wowza this week was just so great!!!! But sad panono as well. Said goodbye to my homegirls Sista Zonna and my boy Sista Arok. Already missing the #squad but excited to see what the new copperbelt sistas will bring to the area. 

so this week I wasn't able to be in my area that much, because my companion didn't get in until Thursday evening, but i was able to spend some time in the other sister's area which is always fun:) But of course Heavenly Father made up the difference and there were so many miracles that happened this week. 

Tina: okay small things are happenign... but in missionary work they really are big things!! But we went on Tuesday and she had prepared this huge meal for us... but she made us cook... haha and we didn't know what to do, like she had prepared so much and we didn't want to offend her so we cooked and cooked and cooked. haha I was with Sister Brown and we just really built that trust with her. But then I took my new companion with me on Saturday and tender mercies happened! We explained the differnece between priesthood and holy ghost since her husband just got both last week, adn then at the end my companion asked her to pray and SHE DID!! FIRST TIME IN 3 MONTHS. i almost started crying and my smile was just so big... and she said she would come next week to church. keep praying for her!!!! 

THE SAMBA FAMILY CAME TO CHURCH!!   no way no way no way!!! Seriously I freaked out.... they were a little late and couldn't stay for all of it but it was still a huge step. We followed up on WOW this past week and they said they still were drinking coffee... so we taught about it again and helped them see the true importance of it and then they came to church. aish keep praying for them!!! 

Chisala: heeey he made big improvemnts too!!! He walked all the way to the church to have a lesson with us... and this is the one who wouldn't even accept the book of mormon before but after we taught Restoration it all made perfect sense to him and he accepted it. Seriously miracles. 

We also had 3 new potential investigators show up to church!!! and I think they show some good potential! 

Fast and Testimony meeting: hey I was so humbled yesterdsay.... every time i hear these members bear such powerful testimonies i am amazed... Truly these are the pioneers of the church down here in Zambia and they are facing just as much tribulation as they did back then. They are such an amazing example to me... one of the members just moved over an hour of a drive away... But he still comes each and every week with his 3 little kids. I wish you could all meet these wonderful members. 

The Lord is very aware of all of us and as we have righteous desires and ask in faith I promise he will answer. 

Also Sista Zohner got to see all my recent converts in blantyre this past weekend and this is what Fraiser said...

"Sister Thueson is a big reason for my baptism and the temple. I was taught by missionaries for 8 years, but she was a big part" 

awwwwwwe I love all of them so much!!!! 

I hit my one year this Saturday... I can't believe it, but i'm grateful for every day i've had and every day I have left!! 

Love you all, 
Sister Thueson

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