Monday, June 13, 2016

One Year Older and Wiser Too!

What a wonderful week in the city of Ndola/Lusaka!! We had zone conference this past week and it was just super amazing!!!! I hit my one year mark and how crazy is that??? Family I think we can all remember a year ago when we all had the flu and were all throwing up right before my farewell? hahah such good times. 

Zone Conference: so so so good. so we combined as all of zambia.. so us from the copperbelt took the 5 hour drive down to Lusaka and it was so great to all be together. Since we don't have a temple in our mission we mainly focused on temple covenants and it was such a spiritual environment it almost felt as if we were in the temple.We talked mainly about the Law of Obedience, Consecration, and Sacrifice. We talked a lot about the differences and the similiarities... so so so good. ONe of my favorite scriptures my whole mission has been Samuel 15:22!!! it truly shows how we can't live the law of sacrifice and consecration without first being obedient. And what's true obedience without a willing heart? That is something that I've really focused on recently... Do I follow missionary rules because I want to or just because i'm supposed to? 
President Erickson is preparing to leave in the next 2 weeks and it was a really great opportunity to look at what we have accomplished as a mission so far this past year. Sometimes I tend to think we're not accomplishing anything down here... but for having only 70 missionaries in this mission and covering 2 countries, we have really been doing some good work. So grateful to be part of the great Zambia Lusaka Mission. 

Trials: so persecution will always come right?? The Ndola meetinghouse was broken into on saturday night and everything was stolen... crazy stuff. We only had sacrament meeting because police were there investigating. We think it was a member because who else would have known exactly where the 2 computers were... mavuto. 

Miracles after miracles: 

1. So last week we had a random guy named Nalasco show up to church, and we went to go see him this week and he is SO PREPARED. I guess he used to be taught by missionaries a long time ago.. but he is a soldier and so he got sent to DRC to keep peace and his first sunday back he came to church. He first found the church because we are right next to a bar... the irony i know... but he was drinking one night and then met the missionaries and since then he hasn't drinken once. He has 2 children and a wife who is schooling in a different province. he was sick this past week so he couldn't come to church but hopefully he'll get baptized in july! 
2. John... John is Justin Chanda's cousin and he is once agian SO PREPARED. We show up and he was just searching for the truth. He has so many questions, and everything just made so much sense to him. He has come to church teh past 2 weeks and is on date for July 9th! So good. 
3. So there is this member named Mercy... and she is so powerful. She lives with like 9 non members who just persecute her non stop about the church. But every time we go we are super nice to her family, and my companion invited her 2 cousins to church (which we've done like a thousand times) and THEY CAME TO CHURCH. and are letting us teach them this week. 
4. The Samba Family.... I love them. When we asked about the Word of Wisdom... they looked so happy and said that is has improved so much. Brother Samba is having a hard time accepting that there is only one prophet in the world... but Sister Samba's testimony is just so strong that one day my friends. one day. 

Grateful to be a missionary. So eternally grateful for this past year and all that i've been able to experience. I'll never be able to repay my heavenly father for the blessings that i've seen this past year but I hope to do all that I can to show how much I appreciate it. 6 MORE MONTHS LET'S GO TO WORK. 

Love you all, 
Sister Thueson

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