Monday, August 8, 2016

Dirty Hands, Feet and Ears!

Well i'm happy to be back here in Malawi where I come home with dirt just every where, and walking all over the place! It's been so funny to try to learn this area so fast... every where we go I take notes so I don't forget... ya know there are no street addresses in malawi just landmarks.. by the church, by the mango tree, and so on. 

This week was great!! I'm companions with Sister Motsi for the next two weeks before she flies back to zimbabwe on the 21st of august

Well Monday said bye to some more people in Ndola... hard but I survived. it was hard on the Chibessa family since they have never had a missionary get transferred before... but they gave me this cute shirt and skirt... love them. so excited for their baptism. i'll send you pictures when i get them!! 

Tuesday: LONG BUS RIDE DOWN TO LUSAKA. ugh our tire popped half way through and then our driver kept going and so it destroyed teh tire... and it was really hot. but i'ts okay we survived and got down to Lusaka, and then that night the STL's down there took me to go see Sister Jane one of my favorites from my area in Lusaka so that was so nice to see her again! 

Wednesday-Thursday: MISSION LEADERSHIP COUNCIL. Realy really good. MLC always makes me have the desire to be a better, more obedient missionary. MLC was a little different with presidnet kupu then it was with president erickson, but all good. They announced transfer news at the beginning about the new leaders in the mission since we are losing 3 STL's, an AP, and a zone leader this transfer so it was nice to have some new faces at MLC. The main focus was TEACH REPENTANCE AND BAPTIZE CONVERTS. which has been the push from the Brethren for the past couple of months. Learned some new ways to teach repentance like using Book of Mormon terms like, "putting off the natural man" kind of stuff... we have tried it and it worked! and then rejoicing more with our investigators when they make the small steps of repentance such as simply recognizing their sins. 

then we took the tiniest flight of my life to Malawi... Sister Arok was freaking out the whole time. it was so good to be with sister bingham again for the whole day. who knows... maybe the next time I see her will be when we go home... scare bearl level 10

but htis area is really really good!! We have area 50 and area 49 here in Lilongwe and we are part of teh Kalomba branch. WE do a lot more walking here becuase you can't drive the car through the area, so we just park and walk... gonna admit shin splints started coming haha oops it had been a while. But I don't know too much about the area yet, just that i love many many people already. 

One family was teh Milanze family... i guess they had been just teaching the wife and the daughter but this week we got the father and son to listen, and the father could really feel the spirit you could tell. They have some real potential. 

Also the Chilongo family, nothing warms a missionaries heart more than when you ask someone if they know if Joseph Smith was a true propeht and he says, "yes, I know because as I read the Book of Mormon I feel good inside" I love it. 

The meeting house is in the middle of NO WHERE. haha i don't even know how to find it, but it's a pretty nice meeting house. 

We get to go out to a refugee camp this sunday to meet some members who live out there!! Super excited! 

Funny stories: 
1. We go to teach this family and we asked for the wife to come and her 2 friends, and they were taking FOREVER. and so we were just going to leave the pamphlet with them but then they finally come out with their make up up and one girl had heels on... hahaha they were trying to impress us or something. none of them speak english, soooo... we probably won't teach them again but they were nice! 

Love you all!! I love Malawi and grateful to be a missionary for Christ's church.

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