Monday, February 29, 2016

Hump Day!!

Hello friends!!!! I hit the big HUMP DAY this week... my companion isn't letting me get sad about it, so that's good! 

This week: 

Kitwe: soooo we had to drive up to kitwe (1 hour) to get our car fixed this past week... and they said it would be done that day... was it? no. it wasn't done until wednesday at noon... so we spent monday, tuesday, and wednesday morning with the senior couple in kitwe. Pretty boring stuff... we went on a walk and checked out a new area that they might be opening up.. but yeah pretty boring first couple days. 

funny story about the car: so the alarm system is overly sensitve...and it is currently rainy season and so every time there is a big thunder (like every day) the alarm starts going off.. it's pretty annoying. We'll be in lessons and i'll have to run out to turn it off.. Last night it went off 5 times. 

Barton: i'll probably be talking about Barton the rest of my time here in Ndola. But we had a GREAT lesson with him on wednesday... so so so good people. So lately we had just been giving him fire for his addiction to tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. and it wasn't working too well.... and so we decided to take a step back an re evaluate. we decided that re-teaching the REstoration would be the best.. and so we did and HE LOVED IT. He told us how he never understood how the church was established when Christ was on earth... he believed that Joseph smith was a prophet but didn't understand what he was restoring and so he said... "I don't know how this happened, but just recently I had been thinking about this and then you come and answer my questions.. i don't believe in coincedences but how did this happen?" THE SPIRIT BARTON. and he was just so happy about it... he told us that he knows it's true and one day when he gets over his addiction he'll be a member. and then he said "Sister thueson... I remember how you told me one time that if Sister Bingham would have never left than I would have never met you... and I just want you to know that when I pray for you right now, it is very sincere and comes from my heart." I don't know how we have some deep connection... but that man is just the best. 

Greg oh greg.... he wants to change sooooooo bad but he just is too busy for church... WHY? every lesson we have is just sooo powerful and he just wants it so bad. Church attendance shouldn't be this hard. 

Chariot/Lydia: a part-member... the family has 14 children... but the 2 girls will be getting baptized on the 26th!!!!! wahooo cutest girls ever. 

Selina: recent convert who is 14... probably the most powerful girl ever... her family recently moved so now she lives far away from the church.. but yesterday she found a way to come and she brought her little brother on her back and bore such a powerful testimony. Also... during our lessons she gives the best prayers... thueson family... if you are ever wondering if someone is praying for you, don't worry a 14 year old girl in Ndola prays for you all the time. <3 

The branch: The branch is improving!! it's getting better... and we are starting to have lessons with members who have callings and teaching them from the red handbook of instruction so they understand their callings!! And we are having a branch missionary activity next week where we teach them how to be missionaries... ROLE PLAYS BO. and we promised to make them cake.... the only way to get people there haha. 

funny story: so you all know that i'm tone deaf right.... like that is an obvious. Well i've finally gotten over my fear of singing in front of people... because a lot of times there aren't pianos in meeting houses... or the pianos don't really work and so we sing acapella and so someone stands in teh front and gives the tune... PEOPLE YESTERDAY IN SACRAMENT MEETING I WAS CHOSEN. YIKES YIKES YIKES. totally starting singing the wrong version of "While of the Emblems we partake.." oops... #tonedeafprobs

personal study: studied one of the best chapters about the Atonement.... Alma 7 and i learned somethign really cool. The latin root of the word "succor" means "to run to someone's aid" Christ is literally running to our aid if we simply just ask. 

Sister Thueson

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