Monday, February 8, 2016

Babylon has a Play park

.... and it's on kwacha road. 

1. explanation of the subject. We were driving to our investigators house yesterday and we see all these blow up toys and we got super excited... we wanted to go.. and then we realize that it was part of a bar. people go into the bar and leave their kids outside on the blow up toys.. haha 


tuesday: great lesson with Barton (50 year old investigator) We taught him about repentance!! so last lesson.. (when i gave him fire) i left him with a note aka a plan on how not to drink.. and he said that on his way out to go get a drink he saw my note and he decided to stay home and pray and read his scriptures... wahooo missionary point! We think we could still smell smoke on him but PROGRESS yes yes yes. 

Wednesday we made the 6 hour drive down to LUSAKA for Mission Leadership Council... so so so good. and so good to see my sistas Sister Bingham and Sister Solomone. Such a good time to catch up and hear about my old areas. 

Worldwide missionary broadcast: so the apostles did this broadcast for all missionaries.. but it hasn't quite gotten to the zambia lusaka mission because we are so spread out.. but at MLC we got to watch it. and it was so so good.. i'm super excited for the rest of the misisonaries to watch it. they focused on: WE TEACH REPENTANCE AND BAPTIZE CONVERTS. So so much i could talk about. Pretty much we just can't skip from faith to baptism... there is a crucial step of repentance. and if we teach repentance correctly.. then the people we baptize will actually be converted. Something that i loved that was siad " We must always keep the Savior's name on our lips... no matter how much we speak of him, it is never too much" 

The rest of MLC was just super powerful. We are focusing on the culture we want in this mission, and on the Africa SouthEast Area Plan for the church. There was much discussion on the Standard of Excellence and how we may want to adjust it. My favorite part was the testimony meeting... I truly was surrounded by noble and great ones. Everyone there just has such strong testimonies. The spirit was so strong.. and then of course Sister Solomone stands up and it was the last time i'll hear her testimony and so i just start crying... aish sad bear.

We also got to watch part of the mission president Seminar and I saw uncle yuck!!!! it was weird to see Elder Andersen referring to him as "President Egginton" but him and Moe looked super happy and I got to brag a little bit to everyone. 

Ndola: so we only had 3 days of proselyting... but SO MANY MIRACLES. 
1. WE HAD 10 PEOPLE SHOW UP TO CHURCH. Barton, Greg, Robert, and Aaron who are on date for baptism. and then Aaron's daughter Linda. Maureen who is a recent converts little sister who came to church by herself (more about her later) and then 3 new potential investigators!! tender mercy. 
2. Fasted to find a father-led family and....... today as we were walking into the email shop a man stopped us and told us that he had met the Elders in Kitwe and that he wants to learn from us. He is married and has 2 children and is in our area! People... in less than 24 hours Heavenly Father has so lovingly answered my prayers. i'm sooo soo grateful to be a missionary and to experience all of these miracles. Amazing how God just puts people in our paths when our desires are righteous. 
3. Moreen. She is 11 and she has come to church the past 3 weeks. Her cousin who she stays with is a recent convert and he is 14. Her father has been very apprehensive in letting us teach her.. but he allows her to come to church. Yesterday we went over and asked if we could teach her and he said YES!!!!! As long as she was willing to work for it on her own! and she is... Justin her brother had to come early yesterday and so she came all by herself. 

Funny stories: well not too funny... buuttt we didn't have a mosquito net in lusaka... and there was a mosquito in our truck driving home annnnd i ended up with 50 + mosquito bites on just my legs... like i think i'm close to 100. yikes. 

Any who all in all it was a great great week! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. AND I HIT 8 MONTHS THIS WEEK SAY WHAATT? 


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