Monday, February 15, 2016

Antelope tastes like beef jerky

crazy crazy week!! We went on 2 exchanges this past week, but they all went great! I love exchanges because you get to learn from so many different sister missionaries and how they teach! 

So as many of you may know... The teaching pool when I got here was a little dry... most of the investigators were either just barely baptized or not progressing at all, so lots of work to do:) But we were blessed with 9 new investigators this week! 4 being a family:) 

So we have been focusing on teaching within our center of strength... if we go out to the villages and baptize people... they are just going to go less-active. So sometimes it is harder to teach the wealthier people who live closer to the church... but they are most likely to be active the rest of their lives. Which at the end of my mission.. I really want to look back and know that the people that were baptized are still active in the church! 

Exchanges: wahooo they were so great. First I went with Sister Arok (from South Sudan but war in Sudan so grew up in a refugee camp in Kenya until she moved to Utah and got baptized... oh and she runs track at BYU and is the vice president of Black Student Union there... we are gonna be besties at home) But she is still in her first transfer and she is just so humble and willing to learn and to grow. It was fun to be with someone who is still new to mission... It took me back to 8 months ago:) 

Next I went with Sister Molumba.. who is from Zimbabwe. She is serving in Kitwe (an hour away) and so we drove and picked them up and brought them into our area... it ended up only being a half day of proseltying because we had a zone leadership council in the morning. But She is great! she has been on mission 5 months, and just super funny and fun to be with. 

Both exchanges we had so many fall throughs... yikes. #thecurseofexchanges

Tender Mercies: We visited these 2 sisters who are less-active... Lilly and Audrey. They ahven't been to church in a long time and it was our very first visit with them... we just had a simple get to know you lesson and of course we talked about the Sacrament and read 3 Nephi 18... and Lilly read it and she read the verse where it says "if you do any more or less than these things than you are not built on a sure foundation" and she was like... well looks like i've already fallen. But good thing the scriptures are POWERFUL and a couple verses later it says 

 32 Nevertheless, ye shall not cast him out of your synagogues, or your places of worship, for unto such shall ye continue to minister; for ye know not but what they will return and repent, and come unto me with full purpose of heart, and I shall heal them; and ye shall be the means of bringing salvation unto them.

And so we were able to talk about how it is never too late and you can always come back.. and guess what people? THEY BOTH CAME TO CHURCH. WAHOOO 

Chariot/Lydia: a less-active families daughters... they have 14 kids people. but thye live so so far away and they don't have transport to get to church with the whole family. but the oldest son just bought a car so guess what?? he was able to bring them all to church on sunday... wahoooo!! But they are 10 and 9... and we had to teach them tithing. How you may ask??? I'll attach a picture.. we taught them tithing and then they had to pay "their tithing" to get supplies to build a chapel... and then we built it out of q tips and tape. good stuff. 

Andrew/Jessy: Remember that father-led that we found last week? yeah we saw them and they are so great! They refer to us as "angels from heaven" haha but he can talk and talk and talk so teaching will take some time. But they have 2 kids who are just adorable. Grace and Joshua! They are really sweet.. but we think they might be too focused on us and not the message and so we are taking another member couple with us next time to teach the lesson. 

Barton: aish this one. He didn't come to church yesterday... :( first time since i've been here. we went the night before and I kinda gave him fire... I told him that he is having the biggest battle trying to pick between two churches but life would just be easier if he just followed his heart and what God has told him to do... but I think I was a little too bold. I dunno... my companion is losing hope but i refuse to give up on him. 

Funny Story: 
1. We were teaching Aaron Mupundu (getting baptized on the 27th) and we were teaching his family and his step son was visiting from Kabwe and I guess he isn't all the way there.. but he heard that we had a car and he because obsessed with it. Randomly while we were teaching about TEMPLES he would ask about the car.. and then at one point he reached and my bag and tried to steal my keys. Luckily Sister Mupundu noticed... so lesson learned. HIDE THE CAR KEYS. 

Pretty much.. I just hit 8 months on mission and I'm very happy. it feels like it has only been 3 months, but I love being a missionary! The Church is True! 


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