Monday, February 1, 2016

"I bless the rains down in AFRICA"

good week good week my brothas and sistas. 

so more people speak english here so i'm losing my funny accent... haha i hope I get to go back to Malawi so I get back my weird accent before I come home haha. 

Okay the rainy season is HERE. yesterday.. we got trapped at a recent converts house for like 2 hours because the road turned into a river and we couldn't drive through it haha. (picture below) 

first things first... so our district is the smallest in the world i'm convinced... 3 branches in 2 different cities. but we had district conference this past week and we had Elder Hamiliton (a seventy) Elder Hull (an area seventy) and President Erickson all there. Pretty legit... and it was powerful. 

Robert: an investigator who was baptized in Lusaka but never confirmed. (he isn't completely all there in his head) but he comes to church every week.. but we can't teach him because he is obsessed with sister missionaries so we're having the elder's quorum president re teach him everything. But he runs to church every sunday... but this past sunday it was in Luanshya... about 30 kilometers there and 30 kilometers back. total... equals about a marathon. anywho... we are driving to Luanshya and we see him RUNNING TO LUANSHYA.... my friends... he ran a marathon to get to church. we were speechless. 

Hastings: so so so prepared. He is going to be in Lusaka this week but still on date for February 27th wahoooo 

Aaron Mupundu: doing so good. His family is now sitting in on lessons as well!!!  He used to be SDA so he was having issues with the seventh day sabbath thing.. but yesterday in our lesson he told us that he knew the Book of Mormon was true and so he knew that the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints was the true church as well. Hopefully after he is baptized on the 27th his children and wife will follow:) 

Barton: oh boy oh boy oh boy. So he is the 50 year old man who still goes to his anglican church and still has a word of wisdom problem.. but still wants to be baptized. We prayed about a date and we decided on March 5th... and on Tuesday we had a great lesson.. get him pumped for baptism... we go back on Saturday... and he was high on some kind of drug. and pretty ironic because we had come with a plan to help him with his word of wisdom.... Sister Zohner started telling him that we were here to support him and he just gave her fire. He was like "you need to learn your duty... you need to force me to stop drinking and smoking" and so then i'm just mad because he is high and being ridiculous so i just tell him "Barton... here is your plan. 1st. we are walking into your room right now and throwing out every single bottle of alcohol and every cigarette, and then every night you are going to lock yourself in your room and read your scriptures, and we are getting you a priesthood blessing new week." and he was like "I like this sister" yeah we just had to end the lesson there... bless his heart. we don't know what to do... any advice let me know. 

Tender mercies: Sister Sinikiwe (a less active) asked us to teach her son!! wahooo \

2 New investigators: Sean and Fineli. Super great... most of our investigators didn't come to church this week because it was a 10-15 kwacha transport... so it makes sense. 

interviews: PRESIDENT ERICKSON CHANGES MY LIFE EVERY DAY. okay... seriously I love interviews. So we mainly discussed the different between heart, might, mind, and strength, and how we can serve to our fullest in each of these. LIke I would type it all out.. but too much sorry. But at the end he always asks if there is anything I want to talk to him about, and this time I didn't have anything and then he asks the question. "Do you feel like you have changed these past 6 months" and i just start BAWLING. hahaha bless... I think i've cried in every interview with president. and I just can't even describe how much i've changed.. and then i start crying because I was teling him how I don't want to go home (sorry family) and then he asked me what's been the hardest thing to give up... and I seriously think it's been my pride. Which I still have an issue with.. but i'm working on it. and then he just said so many other great things that I can't even explain in an email. Pretty much.. i'm going to miss him when he goes home in June. 

funny stories:

1. we were teaching a 14 year old recent convert named justin and his cousin Maureen who is 11. We were going to show them the Restoration DVD but the video got stuck in the dvd player and he was getting super frustrated... so we told him to just turn it off and we'lll say a prayer. Sister Zohner offered a simple prayer asking for it to work... we ended the prayer and he turns it on and right away it opened and started working. (prayer works duh) but then he was like "HOW DID YOU DO THAT???" and his cousin was like "magic..." hahahaha then we tried to explain that prayer is always there for us haha. it was too cute. 

This week we are taking a 6 hour road trip down to Lusaka for Mission Leadership Council... We have it only every 4 months in person (normally over skype) because our mission covers 2 different countries! but i'm really excited and it will be wednesday, thursday, and part of friday. So we won't have much time in our area but it will be good!! 

That was my week. I love being a missionary wahoooo. 

Sister Thueson

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