Monday, March 7, 2016

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Transfer news.... staying in Ndola! wahoooo seriously falling in love with this area so I couldn't be happier!
Brother Mpundu was baptized on Saturday!! Happy happy day:) and he was late... because of mini bus problems, but he got baptized and then he bore a really sweet testimony..pretty much just thanking the branch for all of their support! but the best part was probablby sunday when he got confirmed and then ordained to the Aaronic priesthood... and people you should have seen him in gospel principles.. it was like he had this new burst of confidence and was answering every question. so great:)
Okay so there is this less-active Sister Sinikiwe who asked us to teach her sons... and so we have. And it breaks my heart because she is the one pretty much teaching the lessons every time and she knows it is true... seriously she is powerful but her husband doesn't allow her to go to church anymore. Life is hard.
Barton: (the 50 year old man who is addicted to drugs, tobacco, and alcohol) so last Monday sister Zohner downloaded the "12 steps to addiction recovery" which seriously makes me cry every single time I watch it. But we had a great idea to show it to Barton. anddddd that didn't go as well as we had hoped... he got very offended and told us that he wasn't a sex addict... (the first video is about a sex addict, and we only made it to the first video) and yeah... ad then he pulled out his guitar to respond to us in a song.. and he pretty much told us we broke his heart. sooo yeah and we haven't heard from him since... oops. WE don't know what to do anymore. but he has such a soft spot in my heart... I don't know how to help.
World wide missionary broadcast: so we're a little behind the times... but I got to watch it again this time as a zone and it's incredible. I have so so so much to improve on as a missionary... but it's gotta be panono panono.
Service: so we did a lot of service this week!!! we weeded at Sister Thole's home and it's not your usual weeding... hahah... because the dirt is hard and dry and so you do it with a hoe... but pretty much we were sweating soooo bad, and we couldn't even finish it so we had to bring the rest of our district to finish it the next week.
and then the usual filling up water at the Kapatos home!
Chanda Family: so it's this elderly couple with a bunch of kids, and she wanted her daughters to meet with us, and so we did and we taught the Restoration, and we were discussing prophets and how the prophets down here in Zambia are false (obviously said in a nicer way) and Sister Chanda was like "well don't worry the only prophet we accept in this house is T.B. Joshua... (once again if you haven't looked him up... please do.. it's so funny) and her daughters started giving her fire teling her that he didn't receive his authority by the laying on of the hands... ahh it was so great to see the family teaching each other.
Maureen: part member... she is 11 and powerful!! She comes to church on her own every week... and now we just need to get permission from her uncle to give her a baptismal date!
personal study: i'm in the book of Mosiah!! So good!! I want you to all go to Chapter 15 verse 10 and replace the word "seed" with your name... Christ has seen you... everything you've "seen" or been through.. Christ has done the same. A general authority said that we need to stop thinking of the Atonement that Christ felt everyone at once.. but instead he went through each person individually and felt what they went through. It was a very personal experience with each of us.
And then it was cool to study the bondage of Alma's people, and the bondage of LImhi's people... one was because they were wicked, and one was because they needed a trial of their faith. God knows us, and knows what we need and when we need it. No matter what we can't forget that. Trials are for our good... Richard G. Scott said that "some people are like rocks thrown into a sea of problems, and they are drowned by them. Be a cork!!!! When submerged in a problem, fight to be free to bob up to serve again with happiness" BE A CORK MY FRIENDS:)
9 months: As my 9 months is approaching next week... i'm feeling more and more in debt to my Heavenly Father who let me come serve in the Great Zambia Lusaka mission. He obviously knows me perfectly, and this is exactly what I needed. I can definitely same i'm growing as a person in ways that I never thought was possible in a short 9 months, my eternal perspective has grown, my view on repentance has completely changed, and I just love the scriptures. The people down here have taught me so much, and I wish the time would just slow down. But I love being a missionary, and I hope everyone who feels like it's right for them will serve!  
Sister Thueson

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