Monday, March 28, 2016

When the Power Goes Out in Ndola .....

Maureen, Charliet, and Lydia were BAPTIZED and CONFIRMED. seriously the cutest baptism of my life.
Yep... that was my day. Turns out our msion was missing 71 records. and so there were 71 people who had been baptized but weren't in the records and so us and the zone leaders were driving around finding all those that weren't signed and we ended up having to cancel all of our appointments that day and drive an hour to kitwe to take the records to the zone leaders. no worries we got them all in.
Sister Kunda: We found a less active who hasn't been to church for 6 years because her husband died.... she seems willing to come back and even has 2 daughters that haven't been baptized! Pray for her!
Cyprian: ahhhh he is so great... just hasn't come to church yet:( we had such a great lesson withith him about the Restoration and when we were teaching the Apostasy he asked the golden questions, "well is Jesus Christ's church on the earth today?" YES YES YES...Sister Thole just started laughing and was like, "yeah... it's on Tusha Street." and then at the end she explained that if it wasn't the true church why would still be going every single sunday for 10 years.
Faith: We put faith on date for May 14th!!! She said she has never been baptized before and she feels like she is ready!!! She didn't come to church yesterday because her hair wasn't done.... obviously waiting until may is appropriate. But before her lesson they fed us lunch and i had 2 whole fish with the eyes and everything on my plate..... i tried so hard to eat it. but i was struggling and they could totally tell haha.... oops good thing they also had beans!
Fineli: She is still progressing towards april 24th!! but funny story

Exchanges: I went on exchanges withSister Nkosi this week and they went really good! She has been on mission 14 months and we focused on being anxiously engaged and having a good attitude in finding situations. Exchanges are always fun to be with a new companion for a day!
Maureen: We went to go teach her the day before her baptism to teach her how to bear her testimony and she was so nervous haha. We had to practice it so many times. But she did such a great job and even included more than we practiced!!!
BAPTISM: so so so cute. They all got their white jump suits on and they couldn't stop giggling at each other. They thought it was so funny. And after they all gave their testimonies and they had practiced them in English so many times haha and they did it great. i couldn't wipe the smile off my face. glowing with pride. haha
also Maureens favourite song is "Angels we have heard on high" and so we totally sang it as the opening song at the baptism... in March haha.

Sunday: Okay so cutest thing ever.... our Branch Clerk lives pretty far away, and he shows up to church on his bike with his 8 year old daughter on the back and then his young baby daughter wrapped on his back... These people are so dedicated to get to church.
Funny Story: while we were planning we called Sister Thole and asked her to come teach a lesson with us the next day, and of course she said yes so i was like, "Sister Thole you're going to be exalted." and she was like, "if i were a muzungu (white person) I would be blushing right now." hahahahah i died.
Another funny story... I was contacting this SDA lady and i was like, "Happy Easter!!" and she was like, "we don't celebrate Easter in the SDA church." me: "oh okay... well um happy thursday??" she just walked away.
Such a good week!!!
Love you all!!!

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