Monday, April 4, 2016

Shoutout From the Conference Center

The Zambia Lusaka mission got a nice shout out from over the pulpit. Thanks Elder Andersen!!! Haven't even watched it yet.. but news spreads fast. also... none of you will think this is a big deal but Zimbabwe is getting a temple!!!!!!!!!!!! People don't realize how hard it is for people to get to South AFrica to go to the temple.. but Zimbabwe is closer and easier for visas and such!! Tender mercy! a member in our branch sent out a text to all of us last night because it was such a big announcement!
OKay on to my week.
SO MUCH SERVICE: we ended up doing 8 hours of service this week... wowza. We had to help get the other branch in Ndola a sign for their meeting house and then buy/deliver food to this member, and then we ended up cleaning out an elders moldy refrigerator, and cultivated a garden, and helped our investigator empty her beans out of the bean shun shun... but service is great!
Barton: BARTON CAME TO CHURCH. I REPEAT BARTON CAME TO CHURCH. He is so funny. So he had promised that after Easter he would... and he kept his promise. Man.... he has so much more to improve on but baby steps are the biggest difference. Funny story... so most of you if you read my emails know that we don't have a piano.. and so the chorister in church sings the first line of the hymn and then we all start over and match it. But during the sacrament song Barton didn't understand and so he started singing out loud and was like "come on people" hahaha the branch presidency couldn't hold it in and the rest of sacrament we were all laughing.
another funny story about Barton is we were teaching him... but he made us eat nshima first because "there was tension between us" haha whatever that means.
Elisha/Tina: so Elisha is the father that came to church last week... and we went to go teach them about the Book of Mormon and he couldn't stop talking about how much he loved priesthood class. he was like, "if only I knew these things earlier" but then when we went back again Tina had malaria and so they weren't able to come to church this sunday... and we learned that Tina has pre mature cancer and she does her treatments on sundays.... so pray that it gets cured so she can come!
Brother Mpundu: he passed the Sacrament on Sunday!! happy happy day:) he was so nervous... adorable.
Satan is the worst: remember the 2 people we had put on date last week. Fineli and Faith? yeah Faith went back to Lusaka and Fineli dodged us all week... wahooooo. Keep praying for them.
Seminary Teacher:  so my companion and I have taken on the role of seminary teacher... not many of the students can pay for transport to come on Saturdays and so we travel from home to home teaching about the Old Testament to 14 and 15 year old boys and girls!! Super exciting..... regretting not paying attention during seminary in 10th grade?? yeah.
Dwayne: okay soooo Dwayne was so mavuto last week... but this week turn of events my friends. he was calm during the lesson and he even read the first 10 chapters of the book of Mormon and committed to Baptism!! but didn't come to church so we'll see......
Cyprian came to church!!!  he walked in with brother and sister thole and yo my grin.

zone conference: so we have zone conference this week and we have been asked to present on teaching repentance in the first lesson and inviting to baptism no later than the 2nd lesson... and so we started applying it this week in our lessons and it works miracles. People down here think we are just there for a bible study so we have to teach them that we're here to help them make a covenant!!! 

So so happy and soo excited for Conference this weekend!!! 
You're all the best and I love you!!

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