Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing ..."

wahooooooo emailing on a wednesday! Great great week!!! 

Miracles and disappointments as always but that's what makes missionary work the best work on the planet!! But this week was FUUUUUULLLLLLLLLL of meetings haha. 

General Women's Conference: I love our women leaders. they are so powerful!! Pretty cool story so we watched it with the other sisters (Sister ARok and Sister Nkosi) and i'm not sure how many of you know this but Sister Arok was born in a refugee camp in Kenya and they moved to Utah when she was 9 and her mom helps with refugees all the time so it was really cool for her and for us to have a whole conference focused on it. 

Church Journals: so I mentioned how last week we were seminary teachers yeah?? so this week we went around to all of our seminary students and made them "church journals" and had them cut out pictures from the liahona's and tape them on. and they LOVED IT... it was so much fun. 

Zone Conference: really really good!! it was all centered on the Standard of Excellence and we are really trying to raise the bar. We had a long discussion about how to educate our desires in the right way. God will not only judge us off of our works, but also our desires and if we have righteous desires we are able to make up for the things that we sometimes fall short on. There was good food as always one happy sister missionary:) 

General Conference: answered so many of my questions!!! I really appreciated Elder Andersens... because that is the reality of Zambia/Malawi. So many noble youth are choosing to get baptized and go on missions with such little support from family. I wish you could all see it. These youth and young single adults have the strongest testimonies and will stand up for what they believe. We are all children of God and it has shown me that God trusts these youth so much who get baptized without a support system because he knows that they will stay strong. And obviously Elder HOllands... I know that his touched all of our hjearts. As a missionary you are constantly feeling inadequate... and that you have so much to improve on, but his talk brought so much peace and comfort into my life. The whole time during conference I just couldn't help but think... "how could anyone deny these brethren to not be apostles and prophets?" they are truly men called of God

also it was so cool to see how almost all the members who came to saturday's session were ALL RECENT CONVERTS. 

Mission Leadership Council:
So monday we drove the nice 5 hour drive down to Lusaka to meet up for MLC and it was just the best. I wish you could describe the spirit that I feel at these meetings with all of the leaders of the mission who are just ready to learn.
So many miracles this week!! 

Precious/Chariot/Lydia: so Lydia and Chariot were baptized a couple weeks ago and Precious is their older sister who was baptized a couple years ago. Their older brother will sometimes drive them to church... But they are 15, 10, and 8 and they walked over 3 miles to come sit in general conference for 4 hours on Sunday. granted the small girls don't speak english very well but they knew how important it was to come and I wish I could explain how sweet they are. 

LInda: Linda is Brother Mpundu's (baptized february 27th) daughter! And we just put her on date for May 14th!! She is so cute and hopefully her siste rmercy will join as well... oh and her mother. but it's panono panono:) 

Chanza: a new investigator who has been coming to church for weeks!! She is cousins to a (used to be) less active but who is now ACTIVE as of yesterday!!! wahoooo and they just both love the gospel and came to all of conferencE! 

the disappointment of this week was many of the families we are teaching had to cancel their appointments.. .and then we have been in Lusaka the past couple days and I just hope that it hasn't affected their progression. 

Funny stories: soooo at MLC we got to sleep in a former senior couples flat and so we had to sleep in a queen size bed together (oops breaking mission rules) and my companion wouldn't stop complaining about how i kept kicking her and getting close during the night... #classic. I told her Kari and Mother always complained about that. 

but the best best best news of it all is

FRASIER MKUGALA (72 year old investigator from Blantyre) IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SUNDAY. 

and I got a letter from Khumbo:) 
"hey my friend! it has been a long ime without seeing each other but i hope you still behaving yourself like a good behaving missionary. ONe thing i wanted to tell you is nothing comes easy. you better work hard i'm telling you. Do what you can do in order to bring new investigators to know that this gospel is ture, and i'm not just saying this because people when they stand at the pulpit they say so but i'm saying this because of the things that i have expereinced since the day i was baptized. the other thing that i wanted you to know is that now i'm receiving the fullness of the everlasting blessings through preisthood power. I liked your teachers they were clever and i was able to hear your teaching very fast. we are fpraying for you good luck. I know that spiritually you haven't left but physically i feel that you are far away cuase the memories are still fresh in my mind. i'll never forget those good days you were encouraging me to endure to the end no matther what obstacle . the most thing that I thank God is that our heavenly father used you as a tool to restore the gospel in my life and I know this gospel is ture. lastly now my life is happy like the flashback of the pamphlet of the plan of salvation which says our heavnely father wants us to be happy in this life and life after death. Ndimakuknoda" 

isn't that the sweetest? seriously makes all of missionary work worth it. 

i love this gospel and i love being a missionary!
Love, Sister Thueson

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