Monday, April 18, 2016

The Big 2 0 -- Woot Woot!!

hey great week!! Well i'll start with today!! My companion is seriously the best! she wanted to decorate the flat so bad, and so we made a deal that if she went to bed at 10:30 she could... but turns out she didn't get to bed until midnight, and the other sisters helped too! See pictures below:) 

Then we went to the local zoo and to our great surprise there were some decent animals there! Giraffes and Zebras so that was cool!! #africarocks

We got transfer calls and Sister Z and I are staying "in the house" (she wanted me to say that) But super happy to be in ndola still and we are getting a new sister straight from Utah wahooo Sister Brown! 

also this week was just soooooooooooooo great! Miracles were very apparent! 

Linda/Mercy: Brother Mpundu's daughters and they are so great. We walked in to teach them the other day and mercy was re-writing the whole Book of Mormon introduction so she could understand it better! They both came to church and are on date for May 14th!! and Mercy even got chosen to teach the youth class next week! 

May 28th: We put 3 people on date for May 28th this week Chanza, Elisha, and we are putting Andrew on date this week! Seriously tender mercy! For being out of the area (in lusaka) for half the week Heavenly Father really made up the rest. But there is one concern.. Elisha is having marital problems I guess... His wife is mad at him because he doesn't have a job, and he is considering moving out! ahhh no he can't leave his 3 little girls!! We told him about self-reliance classes and hopefully that will help. His wife still can't come to church because she has her cancer treatments on Sundays... life. But he really enjoys church and is excited for his baptism! Andrew is Justin Chanda (RC) best friend and has been sitting in on lessons forever and we finally met his sister and she likes us so now he can come to church! 

Barton: Came into church yesterday with his boys brigade outfit on (some group from traditional churches) He is soooooo attached to the Anglican church and we don't even know what to do. I got so frustrated in a lesson with him because he was just talking about his positions and status in the anglican church and i just wanted to say, "BARTON SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO SACRIFICE POSITIONS AND POWER TO FOLLOW GOD" but i kept it inside. he came to church but we couldn't even count him as a progressing investigator because he really isn't even progressing towards baptism. 

Dropped: we had to drop 2 father-led families this week. One because the wife doesn't like us, and the second because the father wouldn't accept the Book of Mormon. Straight up refused to even open it.... Nothing breaks my heart more. Just open the book of mormon. please. it's not going to kill you. These people are so crazy sometimes and they think that Mormon is the same as Mammon in the book of Matthew so they get it in their head that it is a Satanist book.... My heart breaks every time but all you can do is "bear pure testimony" as Alma did. 
Also Fineli who was supposed to get baptized this Saturday kinda bailed and said she isn't sure if she wants to get baptized anymore... but we'll see. I'm not complaining too much because there were so many ntender mercies this week. 

Lately i've been thinking about how great having a testimony is. Something i'm going to miss so much is the moment you're in a lesson, and you start bearing your testimony and you grasp their attention. Sometimes while you're teaching they're distracted... but once you bear your testimony they focus, and you know that even if they don't accept it they felt something. This morning as we were getting icecream, a Reverend from a Methodist church, and a pastor from the Catholic church, stopped us and starting asking questions and it was amazing that 2 very educated men stopped and would listen to a 20 year old girl from the States. it's definitely something i'll miss when i'm not a missionary anymore! 

all in all I was pretty grateful to spend my birthday as a missionary. My only birthday... and the next 4 years i'll be taking finals on my birthday hah:) Thanks for all the birthday wishes! you are all the best! 

Love you all! Love the gospel!!

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