Monday, March 21, 2016

I Ate a Chicken Foot ... and It Tastes Like Rubber!!

... but doesn't matter because it was such a goodo week!!!!!!!!

1. Maureen, Lydia, and Chariot passed their baptismal interviews and will be getting baptized on SATURDAY! so so happy it was so cute. after Lydia's interview, Maureen came up to me and was like, "what percent did she get on the interview??" haha she was so nervous, but she did great! 
2. We had 7 people come to church yesterday:) :) :) seriously tender mercy of the Lord. Fineli, Lydia, Maureen, Faith, Mercy, Linda, and a former investigator who just randomly showed up named Dwayne!! 
3. Found 2 new families!!! so both crazy stories... 

first Elisha/Tina: we had met a members nephew who didn't seem too interested but she kept pushing for us to see him, we show up and guess what?? HE IS MARRIED AND HAS 3 KIDS. no way... and they are so sweet, and they're not attending any church right now. Tina has pre-mature cancer that she has been battling the past year I guess, and they have a new born named Miracle. All the kids speak good english, which is always a miracle. We're meeting with them again tomorrow and i'm really excited. 

second Albert/Given: so flash back to last email where we met a bunch of guys in a workshop one being albert... anywho so we had to keep cancelling on him becuase the woman that was going to come with us had to bail... so yesterday we called and said we were going to have to cancel unless he lived with a female... and he was like, "uhhhh my wife?" wait what he's married? yeah... and THEY HAVE A CAR. big deal people. but we had a really good lesson about the Restoration and she seemed really into it, we're just hoping it's not fake. but we're meeting with them again on Saturday.. and once again they're not too dedicated to a church! 

4. Brother Mpundu (the man who got baptized a couple weeks ago...) we've been teaching his family and his 2 daughters (mercy and linda) came to church!!! I guess the wife's church has been doing a full-court press but she'll join her family some day!! We're going to put them on date this week probably sometimes in may or april... mainly we just need to see if they'll be able to come to church each week because transport money..... 

Fineli: Fineli is the district president's daughter's best friend. and we put her on date for APRIL 23RD!! taught her the word of wisdom and she has a slight problem with tea and coffee but no biggie. 

Brother Justin: he is a recent convert from December... and he got the priesthood (finally) last sunday. but he was SO EXCITED TO PASS THE SACRAMENT (oh by the way he is over 50 years old) but we were teaching him about where the sacarment prayers were in teh BOM and he was like "oh I already know... Moroni, and turned right to it) then we get to church on sunday and we were there 30 minutes early and he was already there seated at the Sacrament table. Such a great guy... and he did a great job blessing the sacrament! 

Barton: good guy. Still has a lot of work to do, but he told us that once easter is over he needs to announce to the Anglican church that he is going to start keep the Sabbath day Holy by attending the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. So that's a big step... we'll see if it happens!! 

FUNNY STORY: okay so we were teaching our recent convert cletus. and we teach him on campus in between his classes. and he always has friends around so of course we invite them to join in on the lesson and we had gotten all of their names, and so sister zohner was saying the opening prayer and she forgot one of the kid's names and so we both open our eyes and i'm trying to mouth it to her during the prayer... after several attempts she finally got it... hahah missionary work man. 

All in all.... such a happy week!! I love being a missionary, and I love Ndola!! Happy Easter this week everyone... down here it is celebrated from Friday-Monday... Which I think is appropriate since we're celebrating the greatest event to happen in the history of ever. Grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and the peace that comes as we apply the Atonement in our lives. I hope we can all take some time this week to ponder about what the Atonement truly means in our lives! 

Have a wonderful week, 
Sister Thueson:) 

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