Monday, November 21, 2016

"It's Better to Hear 'Well done' than to Hear 'Well Said" - Paul

Our recent convert Paul told us this during our lesson this week, and it's something that really touched me. It's more important what we are doing than what we say. Our acts speak louder than words. And this week we got told that a lot, mainly by the members of the branch which really always gets me more motivated when the branch is excited about the missionary work going on. My favorite though was when a members landlord who is a Jehovah's Witness came up to us and was like, "You two are doing amazing!!! I heard you had another baptism today! You are doing such a great job.. how do you do it?" and the only answer we had was that Heavenly Father is doing everything!! I wish I could say that the success we were having was coming from us, but it isn't. God is just aware of the area and knows that it is ready to grow! 

Wowie this week was amazing as usual!!!! 

1. Paul was confirmed! He was sooo happy, and told me after he recieved the Holy Ghost, "I just feel so inspired!" and like ran with so much energy out of the chapel. He is also in the Book of Alma and loves the story of the Sons of Mosiah. We stressed him out pangono talking about callings, and he told us he just wants to review everything that he has learned so far. 
2. HOpe.... HOpe is a less-active YSA. She had hardened her heart for some time because she was offended by some things, so she wouldn't let us teach her for some time, but last week we had fall throughs so we felt prompted to go visit her (Well. let's be honest I never recognize it as a prompting until after the miracle happens) And she let us teach her, and opened up to us, and then this week she came to church and everyone was so happy to see her. It reminded me of the talk by Dallin H Oaks where he said that we teach people when they're ready to be taught, not when we're ready to teach them. God prepares peoples hearts when THEY are ready, and many times we just have to be patient. Continue to pray that she'll continue to come! 
3. The Abdul family. Wow I just absolutely love them... and they passed their baptismal interviews yesterday!! They'll hopefully be baptized this Sunday... turns out they're not legally married yet because it's not their culture, but they were so willing to be married so they can get baptized!! Definitely very wise of them as Elder Ellis defines it! The district president agreed to marry them this Saturday, so let's all pray that all goes well and that they can get the witnesses!!! All of their children came with them to church on Sunday! They are under 8 so wahooo future children of records!! 
4. Paul Mbewe... referall from Brother Abdul (the person above) they are both night guards for the church meetinghouse. Paul completely accepts all that we are teaching him, and his wife that he had only been married to for 2 weeks even left him because he wanted to join the church, but he still had an optimistic attitude.( I don't think he loved her that much anyways..) It reminded me of Nelsons talk of having joy no matter what!! His focus truly is on Jesus Christ. 
5. Brother Mfune (a recenct convert baptized in October) introduced us to his neighbor Mptaso, and this week Mpatso got baptized!!!! Bro Mfune was the one to baptize him and he kept saying, "Sunday is our Big DAy!!!!" He was so excited to baptize him. After both lessons with Mpatso this week, he went and bought all of us maize!! So sweet. 
6. Brother Winson... YIKES. He is an elder at CCAP church, and pretty much called us the Anti-Christ. hahahaha I just ended up laughing about it, wish I could say it was the first time on my mission. 
7. JOhn!! John is amazing.. still struggling with Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity, but all night Saturday night he took us around to 4 different referrals!!! YOu can always tell how converted someone is by their desire to share the gospel. 
8. So my companion and I got all dressed up for Claire's wedding and we were the best bridesmaids, and even that night as we were at our last appointment these little kids were pretending to have a wedding! It was so funny!! 
9. Walked into the chapel on Saturday to find all of our recent converts the youth cleaning/scrubbing the chapel... so humbling to see them walk all the way to church for seminary and for cleaning the chapel.. many times I find myself asking... did I do that as a youth? and most the time the asnwer is no. 
10. Mpatso and Willard were BAPTIZED!!! and Mpatso brought like 3 friends... and Brother Mfune comes up to me and was like, "THIS IS A MIRACLE!!" of course he is excited as usual!!! He had to baptized Mpatso like 4 times because he kept saying it wrong or mpatso wouldn't go all the way under, but after many attempts the ordinance was complete:) I love the order of God, that ordinances need to be done the correct way, I feel like many people in this life don't understand that concept, but God is a God of order and things need to be done under his laws and conditions. When Willard bore his testimony he compared himself to the Israelites because he went through many struggles to finally be "delivered" or baptized. and after Bro Mfune told us that Mpatso was "walking on air" because he was so happy. Haha love these people SO MUCH. 

Well as this week is Thanksgiving, I am so incredibly grateful for so many things in my life. Grateful for: (here is a random list)
Jesus Christ
The book of Mormon
Rainy Season
My companion
mosquito nets
My family
tender mercies
funny investigators

an so so so much more!! 

ndimakukonda kwam biri

Sister Thueson

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