Monday, November 14, 2016

Happy Hikers .... Not Really!

Lots happened this week, but I forgot my journal so looks like you'll just have to get the highlights!! 

1. FHE with the Nzemas which turned into a push up, headstand, and back bend competition between me and a 8 year old boy. 
2. John... John is doing really good. He finally opened up to us and told us that he is still drinking 10 bottles of alcohol every day. He feels like he has no hope to give it up which is really sad, but we were able to watch the beginning of "12 steps to addiction recovery" with him, and you could see that hope entered into his life that one day he will be able to overcome it. He lives next to 2 prospective missionaries who have been there helping and supporting him so i'm grateful for them!! He came to church this week, and we're hoping that he'll be able to be baptized in December once he overcomes this. 
3. SERVICE. Didn't take any pictures but us with the elders built a bathroom!!! I'll take a picture with what we built this week so you can see it.... who knew that I was a brick layer??? Amazing the skills we learn. All you need is dirt and water and you can make a house!! It took like 3 hours and we didn't finish, but worth it! 
4. Paul... a miracle in itself. He was BAPTIZED this week. and he was sooo happy. He kept texting us through out the week telling us of what he was repenting of, and kept saying, "just making sure i'll be ready for my special day... I never thought at the beginning of this year that I would be getting baptized.. but here I am and I know it's right. Probably my favorite moment with Paul this week was after he had studied Preach My Gospel. He asked us, "do you really follow this schedule?" and we said yes, and he was like, "that is amazing... but then why are you always late to come teach me?" FIRE. and then he was like, "now i know why you only teach me for 30-45 minutes because that's what your supposed to do" You know.. .kinda embarassing when your investigator knows your approaches of missionary work haha. But his baptism was splendid!!! We actrually had to combine 3 branches because there was no water at the other branches so they all came to our baptismal service and 3 others were baptized with him!! you should have seen him after he came out of the water.. he did a nice fist pump and was smiling from ear to ear!!! I've never seen any of my investigators so happy at their baptism.. then during his testimony after he said how "i have felt a load of bricks lifted off my shoulders" and I know it's because he TRULY REPENTED before his baptism. 
5. Less-actives... so many good things!! The Mitapelas, the Godrich, B. Chipapala, and HOpe came to church. If you knew these people you would be crying tears of joy like I almost did!! I don't know how it happened, but I know Heavenly Father softened their hearts... He needs the Kalambo branch to be strong so he is providing the way. Almost the whole meeting house was filled and that was the first time in a long time that it has been that way!!! 
6. Got a flu shot! 
7. Willard... WOW. okay soooooo throw back to Willard. he was supposed to be baptized a month ago, but got married to an 18 year old but not legally married so then we couldn't baptize him... but she ended up cheating on him this past week (really sad.. he was really embarassed but he told us, "you told me to be happy in every circumstance so I can still be happy") but now they are separated and he'll be baptized this week!!! 
8. Mpatso was interviewed and will also be baptized on Sunday!!! 
9. Went hiking this morning... hahahahah funniest experience of my life. I dragged this sisters to come with me and they hated me the whole way up and i was just smiling because I had missed hiking soooo much. But we had a nice tour guide named Maxwelll... and I guess people pray at the top of the mountain so they have made these little houses to sleep there to pray all night. It's like everyone wants to be like Moses or something. 

That's about it for this week... My testimony is strengthened everyday at how much the Lord is aware of me personally and aware of my investigators. We couldn't do this work without him. 

Sister Twoson

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