Monday, May 23, 2016

I Can Wear Pants!!!

New announcement from the First Presidency hahaha: 
In the 230 missions, or roughly half of the Church's missions, where there is significant risk of mosquito-borne diseases, missionaries are strongly encouraged to wear clothing that covers exposed skin, especially arms and legs. Sister missionaries serving in the affected missions are encouraged to wear full-length dress slacks during proselyting activities. They will continue to wear skirts or dresses when attending the temple and during Sunday worship services, conferences and baptismal services. In areas where it is not acceptable for women (including sister missionaries) to wear dress slacks, they are encouraged to wear long skirts to protect themselves from mosquito bites.
The new guidelines apply only during the wet seasons, when the risk for mosquito-borne illnesses is high. Information is being sent to all mission presidents and will also be provided to newly called missionaries. Those areas include parts of Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Mexico, Pacific, Philippines and South America.

Where I'm going to get dress pants??? I don't know... But it's only during rainy season and we won't have rainy season until November.... So I'm good. But it is a little out of the culture for women to wear pants here so I don't know what's going to happen... But pretty cool stuff. 

Anywho.... ELISHA PASSED HIS INTERVIEW. He was really excited! It was so funny... When we were going over the baptismal interview questions with him earlier in the week his wife kept getting the answers better than him.... Classic. But he is definitely ready, and so excited for Brother Thole to baptize him. Brother Thole is his idol for sure. But really cool we were teaching his wife Saturday night (he was in kitwe) and we had a really good lesson with her. We had given her a My Family book the lesson before that and promised we would explain it... She loved it! (Spirit of Elijah) and she had been talking to her mother about the names of her ancestors. She then asked us what will happen after Elisha's baptism and we just talked how he will get a calling and recieve the priesthood and be a member.... She got really serious and was like, "it's amazing.... I haven't seen Elisha go to church or touch a bible or pray for 8 years... And no he has gone to church for 2 months in a row. God really has answered my prayers." Amazing to see the changes she has seen in her own husband.... And she promised that one day she will get baptized and will stand at the front and bear her testimony and go to the temple with her family. (Sister Thueson pretty much in tears) We can't figure out why she won't pray or come to church... But she says she loves the lessons and everything we teach her. 
Funny story: we got to her house and her daughters were now sick with malaria and she was like, "it's because we drink tea and coffee... I know it." Haha glad the word of wisdom has touched her heart. 
This week was our week of new investigators!!! God answers our prayers:) our recent convert Justin Banda is just a champ... gave us 3 referrals this week 2 of them being fathers to families:) And we met with the fathers and they want us to meet their families this week!!!! Tender mercy! One is named Chibessa and one is Mr. Khunga who has a nephew who is a member in Manchester England (shout out to SJ). Hopefully as we continue to teach them their hearts will be softened and they will gain a testimony:) Other new investigators this week are Natasha a recent convert's sister... Jeff a college student, and a man who is helping us with a new flat we are moving into! Last week I told you about a Mr. Chisala and we ended up having a really good lesson with him! We are going to have to move really slowly but he was just really grateful to hear that we were Christians and he decided to not just believe the rumors but to learn for himself! We had sister Thole with us who obviously bore super powerful testiomny. 
Natasha was so sweet in her lesson... In her pray she thanked  Heavenly Father that we were born and thanked him for the wonderful things we had done for her family. We asked her if she wanted to get baptized and she said yes, and then her older sister Selina did a fist pump and was like "Yes!!!" so cute. 
I know you might all want a follow up on the Samba family..... they are making progress... very slowly. Didn't come to church again, but we are still praying hard. 
Exchanges: I always love exchanges!!! I was with Sister Arok again and man it was so cool to see how much she has grown... i remember going on exchanges with her when she had only been on mission 3 weeks and we practiced and practiced how to teach the Fall of Adam and Eve and then yesterday she did it like it was no problem! She is so great and we had a lot of fun together!!! We mainly focused on setting goals... weekly and transfer goals for your spiritual self, your temporal self, and then for your area as a whole. And we noticed on their white board the other day that they wrote them on the board:) success. 
funny stories:
1. am i a real estate agent or a missionary?? spent some few hours negotiating a housing contract for a new flat we are moving into... haha... let's just say my companion had to take over for me because i "was being too nice about it" 
2. We were in our gospel principles class at church on Sunday and we were learning about gifts of the spirit... one being the gift of teaching and everyone said that Sister Zohner has that gift. (true statement) and then at the end of the lesson as Brother Thole is concluding... Barton interrupted as was like, "Let's go back to this gift that Zohner has.... i've heard so many pastors over my life, but then a humble young girl like zohner walks to my house and teaches me and changes my life... if anyone is doubting if this church is true they need to come talk to me." I know it sounds like a really cool story.. but it was Barton so it made it funny. but cool at the same time. 
3. I guess this isn't too funny... but my companion woke up sick yesterday with the chills and aches but we went to church and all and we decided to still proselyte yesterday... and we get home and i just decided to randomly check her temperature and turns out it was 103.... trying to stay calm i call Sister Erickson who told me that I needed to take her to the clinic for a malaria test.... we will find out after emailing if she has it or not... poor girl. 

New Favorite Scripture!!! It's in the book of Thessalonians 2:19-20... Paul is writing to his recent converts in that side of the world and he says, 
"For what is our hope, or joy, or crown of rejoicing? Are not even ye in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ at his coming? For ye are our glory and joy." 
and man is that not the truest thing you have ever heard... my recent converts truly do bring me the most joy in the world. I love them and love hearing their testimonies. 

All in all life is good in Ndola Zambia. Transfer calls come this week and that always bring stress.. haha we always come home with icecream just in case we need to stress eat:) haha

Love you all!! 
Sister Thueson

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