Monday, May 9, 2016

Can I Borrow Someone's Metal Detector??

why??? so that we can find some golden investigators. (boom boom ching... drum sound) 

you can thank my companion for that one. 

Google hangout rocks.... thanks family for waking up early to do that. It was so fun to hear you all crack the same ol' jokes... talk about politics, and argue about BYU football. nothing has changed and that's always good to hear:) Best family ever award. 

MLC: We had a great MLC via skype this week. Learned a lot, and realized i have a lot to improve on. (i think this happens every month haha) But he focused a lot about leaving the world behind and giving our whole life to our mission and letting our lives be formed by Christ. he gave the example of Peter walking on water.... it wouldn't have worked very well if peter tried to leave one foot in the boat... and that's like us. if we try to leave a foot in the world then we'll never get to experience the miracles of mission like peter experienced the miracle of walking on water. Grateful for President Erickson and his inspired counsel that he gives right when I need it. We have interviews this thursday and I'm stooookkkked. 

Mercy and LInda: passed their baptismal interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they were so cute, and just so nervous, but they will be baptized on Saturday and their dad will be baptizing them!! haha he is so nervous too. The first time we asked him if he wanted to baptize them he said no... haha but we persuaded him:) 

Seminary: i think teaching seminary is one of my favorite things... because you tell them to mark a scripture... and they do it. But we were teaching about Sodom and Gomorah this past week... hahah how you teach it to 15 year olds i don't know.. but we tried our best and they were just disgusted the whole time. it was pretty funny

Elisha/Tina are doing really good!! Elisha is still getting baptized on the 28th and he just loves it. He even bore his testimony to his wife this past week and the little girls sat in on the lesson so it was really fun to have the whole family together. Tina is really really sick though.... her malaria is really bad this time and nothing is really working so keep praying for her. 

BEST NEWS EVER: They came out with LESSON 5 PAMPHLETS. and we only have 8 per companionship right now but good stuff. It makes it so much easier to teach about the temple!!! 

young women's activity: so down here in good ol' Zambia they don't have mutual because we're just not quite that organized yet;) But we decided that we were going to have a young women's activity and make scripture bags out of chitenge... and at first no one said taht they would be able to come because of transport... But to our surprise and after many prayers on our part... we had 8 girls show up and they had such a great time and the bags worked out great!! Tender mercy of the Lord! 

Cold Season: so this morning and the past couple days we have been freezing.... like i was wearing sweats and a sweatshirt and a blanket... and then today when we logged onto our mission portal it said that it is 73 degrees outside.... hahaha so pathetic. 

funny stories: so we were driving from Pamodzi to Kawama and this big truck was right in front of me and came to a complete stop... so I stopped behind it, and was just chilling until he turns on his reverse lights.... and i just froze... and the first thought that came to my head was, "I can't reverse... Sister Zohner isn't backing me up" hahahaha mission rules are just instilled in my head. But no worries... i backed up to prevent a crash. 
another funny story: we were teaching the Simanwe's son about repentance and Brother Simanwe just kept calling his son charles out for drinking and getting drunk the whole time. haha oops we haven't even taught the Word of Wisdom yet. 

Love this gospel and love being a missionary! Have a wonderful week! 

Sister Thueosn

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