Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 was good to me

December 28, 2015

Well family... if I could express how wonderful it was to talk to you in an email i would.. but i'ts impossible. that was the fastest and best 1.5 hours ever... even though you all made fun of the way I talk;) haha didn't know my accent had changed too much. While you're away for 6 months you realize what matterse to you most... and that is the gospel and your family! But it only made me trunky for like a day... haha, because it is a good motivation. WE ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVE A FAMILY THAT LOVES EACH OTHER AND LOVES THE GOSPEL. so many people don't have that, so many missionaries don't even have their family emailing them. I am sooo lucky. It motivates me to try to help families down here come together in the gospel. 

okay this week was great. Sam asked for specific names of people to pray for.. and that made me laugh because I give specific names in all my emails but maybe sam just doesn't read my emails;) just kidding i'll tell you exactly what i need you to pray for. 

Alice: She really wants to get baptized, and her best friend is a member in another ward. She has a 7 month year old son and she lives with her aunt. She is on date for the 17th but she is struggling with coming to church. she will come like every other week... so we'll see, but pray for her:) 

Donald and Malala Kabaso: this is the family we are teaching and same thing as alice. CHURCH ATTENDANCE IS A PROBLEM. most because they live really far away from the church and they have a 2 year old son. but they are so great, and wonderful, and they love the message and want to be baptized. He is very busy with work and so he has had to cancel a lot for our appointments lately. 

But we had some amazing miracles this week!! We were flipping through the area book to try to find some old investigators that we could try meeting up with again, and we found Virginia and Precious. They are very interested and they ask wonderful questions... I really think they show some serious potential. 

We had 3 people show up to church who we have never taught before. One is a young man named moses who we are seeing on thrusday.. he has come to church twice. and the first time he came we were the worst missionaries ever and forgot to get his number but HEAVENLY FATHER GAVE US A SECOND CHANCE. and he came again yesterday! another guy that came has come twice as well but he doesn't live in our area. and then the third guy is a guy we met last week who is deaf and so he wants us to teach him in sign language.. haha I can do the church's name and some other gospel things in sign language.. but yeah we'll see what happens with that. 

We also met a referral from elders in FINLAND, who is very interested. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and committed him to baptism. His name is chipulu. We had really been trying to find new investigators this week and heavenly father definitely answered our prayers. 

OH AND another girl named Esther is SO PREPARED. she was a referral from a young women and we taught her the restoration and all of her questions went perfectly with the lesson.. it was crazy. like I started laughing at how prepared she was. 

but after all that we still had no investigators at church.. haha because everyone is away for holiday. 

The Stake president had us over for dinner and MAN IT WAS THE BEST DINNER I'VE HAD IN FOREVER. Rice, chicken, vegetables, bottled water, and dessert. wow. amazing. 

Christmas: So christmas day we went and visited a young couple who the wife is a recent convert. (Ruth and Daniel) then we went over to the Mupeta's home.. where Faith and Natasha (daughters) are members.. we are teaaching Michael the son and the mother Grace... (who is an eternal investigator) but they had us over for lunch and it was special. I cooked some soup (cut up some tomatoes and boiled them.. by the way mom... you're not gonna like this but I cut vegetables in my hand. no ones got time for a cutting board.) but yeah and we had pasta and rice and potatoes. and even Chicken. it was amazing i will include a picture. And then we shared with them a movie and got to skype our families. We had more lessons planned for the day but people kept calling and cancelling.. which makes sense it was christmas! 

but yes! many miracles this week, and it truly is special to spend christmas as a missionary. Definitely keeps you focused on the true meaning of christmas. I'm so grateful that my savior Jesus Christ was born on this year 2000 years ago, and I know he came with a mission, and he was exactly obedient an stayed true to his purpose. I hope we all strive to become more like him this next upcoming year. 

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