Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Transfer News

December 7, 2015

Faith Tchongwe!

Frasier with his bike that he rides to church 

Charles, a professional futbol player

My mother here in Blantyre.. sister Naledi.. a recent convert

So transfer news came on Friday.... "you and your companion will be transferred to Lusaka" yes. Who knows if this has ever happened before in the history of ever, but Sister Solomone and I are getting transferred to a different country together, and staying companions hahaha. it's wonderful. Then came the other unexpected news... "you will serve as sister training leaders" 

So we're going to Lusaka... white washing (again) and we're serving as STL's... and let's just say I feel very underqualified to be an STL. but it's going to be a great experience and a great learning opportunity! We will be serving in the Lilanda area which was previously an elder's area! 

It's pretty funny because we came to Blantyre... white washed an elder's area (which was a struggling area) and now we are doing it again in Lusaka. Fun stuff my friends!! A greenie and an elder who just finished training will be taking over our area... we left kwam biri sticky notes in our area book about people they need to see and things they need to do haha.  

Travel Plans: We take a 5 hour bus ride from Blantyre to Lilongwe tonight, and spend the night in Lilongwe. Then we will take a plane to Lusaka early in the morning, we get there and go straight to zone meeting haha. Then from there I have to drive to the bus station and pick missionaries up from the Copperbelt. STICK SHIFT WITH LEFT HAND BABY... oh and driving on the left side of the road. PRAY FOR SISTER THUESON. 

Anywho... I'm very sad to be leaving Blantyre. I'm going to miss Soche mountain, and the crazy mini buses, and random people yelling out my name (after 6 months you get to know everyone) I'm forever grateful for the 6 months that i've had in Blantyre, but after praying about it I really feel like it's time for me to leave and to have a change. I'm excited for this new experience! 

Yamikani: Yamikani PASSED HIS INTERVIEW and will be baptized next week!! he is just so great. but I never got a picture with him:( i can't believe I forgot. but I'll have the elders send a picture from his baptism to me and send it to all of you!! Khumbo will be baptizing him, so it will be a great experience for KHumbo to use his new priesthood. 

Tenson: Okay so this is big news... you know Tenson who was confirmed just last week? We had coordination with our Branch President this week (who is newly called and doesn't have counselors yet) and he feels very strongly that Tenson should be his second counselor. PRETTY CRAZY RIGHT? The district presidency hasn't approved it yet... but we'll see what happens. He needs the priesthood first. 

We got 3 new referrals from Mike, and we were able to teach them!! Linda, Lillian, and Mercy. They have some real potential! 

Irene: Irene is home from village, and we were able to teach her!! She is progressing very well... we forgot to put her on a date, so we'll leave that up to the new elders!! 

Other than that the week was mainly filled with saying bye to the people that I love so very much. It was sad saying bye to everyone... but for some reason I can't grasp my head around that i'm leaving. It feels like i'll just be hiking up these mountains my whole mission. many people gave us small gifts to remember them by... but I truly don't think I'll ever forget these people. 

I'll let you know how Lusaka is next week!!! I've heard the language is similar to Chichewa so hopefully it's not too big of an adjustment! 

Anywho.. I love you all, and I love this work. I forgot my journal today so I can't really remember many cool experiences or anything... but they happen everyday:) 

Sista Thueson

reporting for the last time from Blantyre. 

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