Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Muli Bwanji from Lusaka

December 14, 2015

heeeey my friends

You know you're in Lusaka when....
1. you're emailing in a super nice internet cafe with a diet coke next to you.
2. You speak the native language to the people here and they ask you to speak English instead.
3. There's an indoor shopping MALL
Okay.... this was maybe the craziest week of mission so far... and I HIT 6 MONTHS ON MISSION.
Monday: took a nice 5 hour bus ride up to Lilongwe.. drove through some villages.. cool stuff. Sat next to some SDA missioanries from America who were doing humanitarian stuff.. it was weird to teach to Americans haha... I didn't even know how to approach them. But they were nice. We spent the night in the sister's flat and we had to re-arrange our luggage to be under the weight limit so were up until midnight eish... too late for a missionary. 
Tuesday: woke up at 4 to get to the airport... then while waiting we met this really nice American named JOhn who was flying home for the holidays. Any who.. you ready for this? I go to immigration... hand them my passport to quickly find out that I HAVE BEEN IN MALAWI ILLEGALLY FOR THE PAST 3 MONTHS. they had put the temporary permit stamp in my companions passport.. but not mine. and so the person told me I couldn't go through... We didn't have a phone or anyone's numbers... luckily the nice american let us use his phone and then I found my bus ticket which had the Blantyre Zone Leader's number on it (tender mercy of the Lord) and I called them and Elder Rugumayo told me to just talk it out with them and he would call the Lilongwe ZL's to come. We talk it out and the people just told me to pay 15000 kwacha and they would let me through... to this day we're not sure if that was policy or an "under the table" approach... but it got me on the plane:) 
ZL's pick us up in Lusaka and we go straight to Zone meeting... it's weird to be serving with new missionaries that i've never met before. But it will be a great change. Then I was supposed to drive sister's to the bus station... but Sister Erickson said no to that (thank goodness) because I had to get my driving approved first. So I gotta spend all day driving around Lusaka trying to learn the area with the AP's. fun stuff. We met one member family who is just wonderful!!! The Zulus!!!
Then the brand new sister got here straight from the PROVO MTC and she spent the night in our flat. Sister KiniKini and she is soooo excited. She will be serving in Blantyre and man I got a little jealous... Blantyre is the best and I miss it so much. 
any who sleeping at night is SO HOT. heeey there is no AC or fans and i sleep with a wet towel to keep me from dying haha.. but I got up in the middle of the night and we hadn't yet put our clean water on the filter thing and so I drank from the tap and maaaaan... bad mistake. I got so sick. Zambian water is mavuto. 

Wednesday: we had to drive Sister kinikini around to orientation with President, and to meet her new companion so it was a slow day and we only got to teach a lesson at the end of the day. But we taught a less-active named Jane and her husband (recent convert) named Oscar. we taught them about Faith and Jane said something really cool... she said "we read in the Bible how we can have faith to move mountains... but i think today we use our faith to move past the trials that come our way." I thought it was a really cool comparison. But this day I still felt soooo sick... during planning i was just laying on the bed and would just agree with everything that Sister Solomone would say haha. DON'T DRINK BAD WATER.
Thursday: We got sister kinikini and her companion sister motsi off to the mission home to head to Blantyre Malawi and we finally got to focus in on our area. BTW I was mistaken last week... i'm not actually in Lilanda.. I am in Munali. And my companion and I cover the whole ward. So we have a really big area but it's okay because we have a car now:)
The Area: It's wonderful. We have a wonderful branch mission leader who took us around to many of the people and showed us where they stayed. He leaves for his mission in Februrary to Zimbabwe. Some people that we have met: 
The Zulus: a STRONG family who's daughter just got married on saturday to an RM and they leave tomorrow for the joberg temple <3 
The Mupetas: Faith is a recent convert, and her brother Micheal is 8 and we just started teaching him, and the mother Grace knows the church is true but she can't get herself to leave her church. 
Grace Mpimpa: she is an investigator who is SOLID. we need to put her on date... but she loves learning and she is truly investigating. she has a sincere desire and she asks really good questions. 
Alice: She is an investigator who has a baby and lives with her aunt who has a 3 year old son named Chawa. he reminds me so much of Mae... the second we walked in he took me around and showed me his whole house and all of his toys. He is so cute.
and then we had 3 people confirmed on Sunday: Margaret, Duncan, and Ngila... and they are all very solid Recent Converts. We were able to meet with all of them and they are so great. Love them lots.
Anywho... there is much work to do here, and I'm excited for this time I have to serve in Lusaka. I love the adventure of white washing and getting lost on the way to every. single. appointment. A lot of gas money was used this week.. but i'm repenting for it and will do better this week. We are having a christmas party this week and the missionaries from teh Copperbelt are coming down... which means I get to see SISTER BINGHAM! it's gonna be a wonderful reunion.
I also got to give a quick shout out to my bestie Hermana Fowler for returning with honor this past week... Costa Rica will miss her kwam biri i know it.
anywho... after a long long email. I made it to lusaka... it's so hot here. and i miss blantyre.. but i'm slowly loving Lusaka:) 
Christmas is next week ahhhhh so exciting.
Sista Thuey

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