Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rise and Shout!

September 14, 2015

Hello!! this week was a slightly slower week I would say... we weren't able to teach as many lessons this week and that makes it go by a little slower. but still good as always and i'm still happy as always:)
LET'S GO BYU FOOTBALL.... RISE AND SHOUT THE COUGARS ARE OUT. I still bleed blue down here in Malawi. 

So we got official transfer calls this week and Sis. Solomone and I are staying together in Blantyre (woot woot) and Sis. Browning is making the long trip up to the Copperbelt... right in time for hot season! haha (so the Copperbelt is brutal during the hot season i've heard) I'm really happy that I get to stay in this area at least one more transfer!! I just feel like I have more to accomplish here!
Random Facts: 
1. I'm excited for the day where I can open the fridge without 5 cockroaches crawling out. 
2. I rubbed my fingers raw from hand washing this week. HOLLA. 
3. I finished the Book of Mormon this morning:) 
4. One of our investigators bought us chocolate.

Tuesday we had zone meeting!! and it was crazy because it was the last day in the field for 3 of the elders in our zone!! They are now officially back with their families! But then after we went and saw one of my favorite investigators... FRASIER. I promise to take a picture of him this week so you can see him. This man... I love him. We taught him lesson #3 and he had his little notebook out taking notes. Elder Beal was able to help us out during the lesson and Elder Beal pretty much told him straight that he can't procrastinate baptism anymore... he has been investigating for 10 years and it is time for him to commit (Frasier investigated with his wife 10 years ago, and then his wife died and he stopped) And then he asked the question if he could be baptized even without his wife. So we're gonna teach him about temples next... but you better believe that one day my husband and I are going to get sealed for Frasier and his wife. it's pretty much my only life goal. (and many more) But after Elder Beal told him that he can get baptized without his wife he told us that he is ready to commit. so he should be getting baptized October 11th:)
Some funny things that Frasier says all the time: "we were exchanging word" "let me borrow his words" "Mr. and Mrs. Elder and Sister Beal" and many others that I wish I could remember.
Wednesday: So we met this family!!!! And they are so sweet... the father's name is Bakili and he is super enthusiastic. They invited us into their home, bought us some Fanta, and then got to know them. They are a Muslim family who is new to Blantyre... we weren't able to teach them a lesson because it was getting late, but I really hope that we'll be able to teach them.
Nyirenda Family: So I talk about these people a lot. Because they're great! We taught them on Saturday and we had felt prompted to show them the Restoration DVD. and the son (blessings) was really enjoying it but the father was still fighting it... we seriously feel like we exert all of our energy testifying during their lessons. We are at a loss of what to do with them... they all have the desire to know and they even have small testimonies... they just won't keep their commitments. it's killing us. But we're just going to keep praying... and we're going to get them a fellowshipper and we think that will help. EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY.
tender mercy: as we were walking to the Nyirenda house this little boy stoppped us and told us that his family had been taught before but they never got baptized. We are always trying to look for families to teach so this was a blessing... hopefully we can see them this week! 
Sunday: LONG LONG LONG. We had PEC before church and Branch Council after chuch.

 It's always fun to see who will sacrifice to come to church:) this week we had Henry, Vivian, Frasier, Esnerpe, and Mendela. But okay so last week we had this random guy show up... no idea who he is okay and his name is Yamikani and he wears his sunglasses in church. We get his number but we never saw him... then this week he shows up again.. but in a white shirt and tie. like can you say cute? Yeah we need to see him this week. He must be prepared if he is just showing up to church on his own!!
That was a summary of my week!!! I am constantly learning and i'm so grateful to be here. Thank you for the constant support and prayers. I love you all so much!!
Mulongo Napili

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