Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Missionary Work Can Be Funny!

Kissing the ground because i didn't get transferred welcome to the email shop
Our 2 RC's who both passed their interview to receive the Aaronic priesthood. shout out to worthy future priesthood holders:) 


September 28, 2015
hello banja langa! goodness this week was funny! I'm pretty stoked to tell you about some good stories. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER DEAREST YOU ARE WONDERFUL. 

1. okay so I don't think I have told you about my stalker... (mom, dad don't be scared) I have no idea what his name was but our relationship stems back way back to my first week in Blantyre. So i'm 99% positive he is homeless and he wears the same clothes every single day. one of my first days here he came up to me and started ranting about how hard it is to get a job in malawi (true fact) and then after that time he would just magically appear wherever I was... whether it was at the mini bus station or at the grocery store he would randomly come up  to me. So one time he told me he needed help and so of course I hand him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet (it's the answer to everything!!) and then he found me in the internet cafe about a week later and told me that he was like Adam and I was his √čve" hahahahhaha WHAT? and then the next week he found me while I was sitting in a mini bus and he asked me when our wedding was... and I told him that I had to finish my mission and then I was going back to America... and then he answered that I could just come back to Malawi for him after I finish my mission... like how did i not think of that? and then this week he yelled "my groomsmaid my groomsmaid"" across the shoprite parking lot. so surprise mom and dad.... I FOUND MY HUSBAND. 
2. Last sunday in Young Womans (we go to young womans because they don't have a presidency so we help out) and Nora the teacher was quoting the apostle paul and wrote ""I DIE DIARY" on the board... Sister Solomone and I were so confused.. she definitely meant to put ""I DIE DAILY"" malawians really struggle with switching their R's and L's hahaha they kill me. i love them so much. 

3. So I bet you never thought that you would teach tithing/fasting and how Mary got pregnant with Jesus in the same lesson... well I did that this week. and you are probably confused how that happened... well let me explain. We were teaching Mandela... and Mandela you just never know what's coming with him.. but we were teaching tithing and fasting and Mandela asked why we were only commanded to fast for 24 hours when Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. and we had to explain that Jesus was physically able to do that when us average humans aren't able to do that. and then he wanted a further explanation so then we whipped out the story in Luke about how Mary got pregnant as a virgin. GOOD STUFF MY FRIENDS.... MISSIONARY WORK IS AN ADVENTURE. 

4. WE took Khumbo to teach the Nyrienda family with us hoping that it would get them to come to church... (it didn't work :( :( :( ) and khumbo explained how we found him, and taught him and how he got baptized and abambo (the father) asked Khumbo how much we paid him to get baptized..... yep missionary fail haha. 

5. SAD STORY: one of our less-actives came up to us in the market sooooo drunk. and he just kept telling us how he would come to church sober and asked us to forget that we saw him drunk. (he still didn't come to church:( ) 

6. back to funny stories: teaching Mandela the law of chastity. all I need to say is that I truly need to filter what I say about this lesson. Let's just say he was asking me for advice for his wedding night... uhhhhhhh what? hahahah my companion and I were seriously speechless. we went and got ice cream after to reward ourselves. 

7. yesterday Sister Thueson wasn't the smartest person in the world and was walking through the market with the phone in the side pocket... and guess what? it got stolen yaaaayyyyyy. and so we lost almost all of our investigators numbers... but I think we wrote most down in the area book... cross our fingers. 

8. so we're not allowed to give money to beggars and so I had to run away from these 2 little boys because it made me too sad to say no to them. 



1. Fischer. So last week he just randomly showed up to church... no one knew who he was and so we started talking to him and he said this was his first time.. so we got his number and we went and visited him on Friday. turns out he has a wife and a 3 month old son:) A FAMILY <3 and he used to be a Jehovah's witness... but his wife never felt good about it so she never got baptized into that church, and so he dropped Jehovah's witness so that him and his wife could find a church together (good man) and he walked by our church one day and he told his wife that he would go check it out. and he did... and so we are going to start teaching them.. they didn't make it to church this week but hopefully after we teach them a lesson they will come:)
2. Daniel. aka THE SASSIEST 13 YEAR OLD ON THE PLANET. we were 15 minutes late to his lesson and the first thing he does when he sees us is hold up his finger and was like ""first thing.. you said you would be here at 3... and what time is it now?"" goodness he kills me. and then he asks the deepest questions about the BOM. we gave him the kids/picture version for him to read and he promised to finish it before we saw him next. like his question this week was why did the Lamanites and Nephites start fighting again after they lived in peace once Christ came? seriously people this is not a normal 13 year old boy. 
3. The Limasi family (the Muslim family) they are still so sweet. We found out this week that the mother used to be Catholic but just switched religions when she got married (that's the culture down here.. is the wife always goes where the husband is going when they get married) so that adds some serious potential. Their kids are just the sweetest... but it's going to be slow and steady with them. 

BIG NEWS: okay not that big of news... but I made the bold decision to start reading Jesus The Christ and mannnnnnnn is it powerful. seriously my mind is blown every page I read. I can't get enough of it. Jesus is seriously the Christ... and seriously our Savior and Redeemer. 

OKay... that's about all I can think of for this week. I LOVE YOU ALL AND I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. 

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