Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kubwezeletsedwa kwa uthenga was Yesu Khristu

September 21, 2015

You guessed it.... "The Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ" or you probably didn't guess it. But this week my companion and I are trying to learn how to teach the first lesson in Chichewa!! fun stuff! 

Fun Facts: 
1. Blantyre's weather is almost as Bipolar as utah. seriously i was in a coat earlier this week and then sweating buckets the next day. But the rumors are true... AFRICA IS HOT MAN. 
2. ONe of our investigators cousin is in Book of Mormon musical.... let's just say we have tried to find multiple ways to use it to our advantage. haha
3. I have decided to compare the zillions of cockroaches in our flat to deer in Btown. They were scared at first... but now they are confident little creatures and they aren't even scared of humans. 
4. I heard the "you're the reason for my life.. you're the inspiration" song so that was cool. Throwback to the Thueson household. 
5. sooooo there is this Nigerian prophet named TB Joshua... and he is a problem. he like heals people through the tv and "delivers" people from their sins and such. look him up... it's pretty interesting to watch. But during gospel principles class the teacher asked the class to start naming off prophets and on of our invesitgators said TB JOSHUA... (missionary fail) so this week we are going to re teach him about the priesthood power haha. 
6. YOu'll never ever believe me... but my Utah accent is gone. I say my "t" in mountain... like it's weird. Malawian accent BO

Spiritual thoughts: 
1. 1 NEPHI 13 IS THE COOLEST CHAPTER EVER. IT PREDICTS EVERYTHING THAT YOU LEARN IN US HISTORY CLASS. Seriously the American Heritage professors should make their students study it because it is super cool. The church is true. 
2. I just like this verse.
 33 These things have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peaceIn the world ye shall have tribulation:but be ogood cheerhave overcome the world.

Monday: Sister Browning left to the copperbelt... so quote from Lion King... "our threesome is down to two" 

Tuesday: In district meeting we talked about how we need to be BOLD and LOVING... like i'm pretty good at the loving part.. but the Bold... not so much. We all know Sister Thueson isn't a bold person. but MORONI 8:16 is an mponvu verse. so i'm going to get better at it. 

We always meet with Frasier on Tuesday and we taught him about temples. and he kept telling us how in his other churches he never learned anyything like this and he told us how grateful he was for us and the Beals for teaching it so that he could understand. He told us that he won't ever leave the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints<3 I love this guy. 

so we walk through these fields to get to the church and... A BABY BLACK MAMBA SLITHERED IN FRONT OF ME. death was right in front of eyes. hahah just kidding i'm being dramatic. but not really. 

The Nyirenda family fed us Coosipa which are these little fish that you eat whole. like the head and everything. it took me probably 5 minutes to bite into it hahahahah greenie probs. 

Wednesday: We taught Yamikani and man was he prepared. he has come to church the past 3 sundays and he is always early. He told us that what made him come the first time was the he was supposed to meet someone in town but they weren't there and so he walked past the church and saw the "Visitors Welcome" sign and he liked that it said that and so he came:) wahooooooo so so happy.

Then a recent convert named Naledi in the branch is convinced that we don't know how to cook and she is afraid we are missing our mom's cooking and so she had us over and we learned how to cook and then she made us dinner to take home! and then she gave us cheese sauce, dressing, and tomatoe puree... and then on sunday she brought us soup and cherry tomatoes. hahahah #BLESSED

Friday:: So I think last week i mentioned how we met a little boy who said his family used to investigate the church... his name is Daniel and we went to teach him this week and MAN HE IS THE SMARTEST 13 YEAR OLD ON THE PLANET. he pretty much recited the whole first vision for us and then summarized the whole Book of Mormon and he was asking deep questions about the Tower of Babel and why the Nephites and Lamanites separated. but COOL EXPERIENCE: he asked why the Nephites and Lamanites separated and i could not remember for the life of me... but I just opened my mouth and it came out. HOLLA. D&C 84:85 BO.  #missionarymiracles 

Saturday = the day that nothing goes right hahaha. The day that all our plans fell through... all our back up plans... and all of our back up plans to those back up plans. and my poor companion was sick and it was deathly hot. but I'M STILL HAPPY NO WORRIES. 

Sunday: Good day!! We got a new branch president!!! So that is always exciting... you could tell he is super nervous becuase he has a big task ahead of him. The branch has a lot of work to do but it is improving every week! I love being able to see the progression of the branch!! and especially of less-active members:) 

We are teaching our Elder quorums president's brother.. his name is Junior and we are teaching his 2 friends Takondwa and Peterson. and all 3 are SDA..*** and they started saying that our purpose as missionaries was just to increase the number of our church and MAN I GOT HEATED. I seriously just bore the strongest testimony a young 19 year old has about how all I wanted to do was help people have access to the Atonement and live with their Heavenly Father again... I think they could tell how serious I was so they stopped talking about it. 

And then we taught a Muslim family!! ***they pretty much just asked questions about our church and we just answered. HOpefully we have an actual lesson with them soon... I will keep you updated. But they are seriously the nicest family ever. 

Well family that was my wonderful week!! We have 3 wonderful investigators on date for October 11th!! Mandela, Frasier, and Tenson! Keep them in your prayers that they stay strong!!! Khumbo hopefully will get the priesthood in the next couple weeks and then he'll start passing the sacrament:) 


nima ku konda kwan bili! 

Sister Thuey
Last day with Sister Browning

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