Monday, November 2, 2015

Mission = Roller Coaster

November 2, 2015

With Hospin
With Charity
Hello my family!! So this week had it's ups and it's downs that's for sure!!! 

My ponderizing scripture for the week in ALMA 37:33!! just in case you would like to know:) 

So I'm just gonna start with the disappointment of the week... sorry to be a debbie downer but I need to let you all know. 

1. We went to go teach Frasier on Wednesday to go over the baptismal interview questions because he was supposed to be interviewed yesterday... but then he just drops this bomb on us that he doesn't think he can be baptized without a wife. (he is a 72 year old widower.... and his wife died about 12 years ago) He told us that he'll never get to be married again once he is in the church because he wouldn't be able to find someone that was a member... I seriously was speechless. and I think Elder and Sister Beal could tell that i was just devastated so they came in and tried to save the day. They went on to explain that President Monson is a widower, and Elder Scott never got remarried and how he can be with his wife again and all this good stuff and he said that he would be interviewed, but that he might be leaving for Botswana before the 8th... but then he didn't come to church on Sunday. soooo... we're trying to figure it out and i'll keep you updated. He keeps all of his commitments and already wants to pay tithing soo.... we have no idea what it is. But he seriously is in my thoughts 24/7... so pray for him:) 

2. Sister Thueson is a klutz as we all know and the rains came POURING DOWN on friday and I was not prepared at all. And so we were running in it trying to catch a mini bus and I biffed it HARD. Mud was everywhere and we were on our way to a meeting that we couldn't miss... and then I look down to find my foot bleeding haha hooray. you all remember the scar on my foot??? yep it got re-opened hahahaha THE SCAR WILL NEVER BE HEALED. Seriously it's my new trademark and I think during the resurrection i'm going to ask if I can keep it. 

Okay now into the tender mercies: 

1. Malunga Family: (Fonson/Daniel/Eunice) Okay so this family they live in Kandjeza which is wayyy far from the temple and it is 250 kwacha for transport (50 cents but hey that's a lot) and so they've never been able to make it to church, but we feel like we need to keep teaching them and so we do. So this lesson we decided to focus on the Atonement, and show them the video of the end of Christ's life. But at the beginning we just did our usual followup on the BOM chapter we gave them last time which was Alma 34, and the Father (Fonson) just stopped and was like "The whole time I was reading this, I just kept thinking that you had read my mind... it was exactly what I needed to read. I was so depressed and I read this and it made me feel so much better... especially verses 40 and 41.... how did you know I needed this?" It was a really really cool experience. Because I don't even remember thinking too hard about what chapter to give him last time, and it shows that sometimes we don't realize promptings by the spirit until after we have already followed them. It was a wonderful lesson.
2. Yamikani... So last time I mentioned how Yamikani had a word of wisdome problem. And so we followed up this last week to see how he was doing and he told us that he hasn't taken tea or coffee for the past 2 weeks and that he hasn't had alcohol since the first time he came to church!! ahhhh he is a miracle. He will be getting baptized on the 22nd if he keeps this up:) 
3. The Gopane family: Okay so this family has been a member for a couple years and the wife and the kids don't speak any english but they come to church every week, and the father is a police man so he can't come every week... but they are getting officialy married on saturday and then sealed in February:) But Brother Gopane is a police officer and he bore his testimony yesterday about how he followed the spirit. Background story: So 2 weeks ago 2 police officers were shot by some robbers in our area because they were transporting kwan biri money, and one died and the other is in the hospital. Any who Brother Gopane was supposed to be one of the police officers but early in the morning he had the feeling to tell his boss that he needed to take another shift... how crazy is that?? the spirit works in amazing ways. But they are wonderful and they have asked Sister Solomone and I to be their wedding photographers... hahahhaha I'm learning so many life skills. 

Funny Stories: 
1. Sister Solomone had a snickers in her backpack and while we were teaching a lesson... someone who was just sitting in looked in her bag, grabbed it, and just started eating it... I couldn't hold in my laughter. Who just does that? I love these people. 
2. Sister Solomone and I were doing an ab workout and half way through she said how she could feel it in her back... She had no idea it was supposed to be an ab workout... I just burst out laughing and just ended the workout because I thought it was so funny (given this is at 6:30 in the morning so things are funnier)

and yeah that's my life...  Don't worry looking back on this week I was able to see the tender mercies and get over my frustration and disappointment. Life is full of ups and downs and as Sister Marriot said in conference: "COME WHAT MAY AND LOVE IT" and that's truly how we have to look at life. 

ps. Halloween isn't a thing here so that was lame. 

Cooking Nsima... this picture was definitely posed. I'm still not good at cooking nsima but my investigator wanted my family to think that I can do it haha. 

oh and our Muslim family is doing well... We met with the family this past week but the father wasn't there so we just had a pangono lesson about Faith and invited them to church... but sadly they didn't come:( But we're gonna keep teaching, inviting the spirit, and giving them the Book of Mormon to read!

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