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November 16, 2015
 Sister Dlamini our wonderful STL who leaves in a few weeks :(
Matching dresses....ADORABLE

I hit the big 5 months mark this week... next month is 6 and aish that is crazy... that means 1/3rd and ahh i'm not ready for that. no no no. People always ask me how much longer and I always say 15 months... I keep forgetting that nah it's only 13 months left. 

PONDERIZING VERSE FOR THE WEEK: JACOB 1:7... laboring diligently:) 

Okay funny stories: 
This is how you wash dishes my friend.
You take some dirt and soap and scrub
until the charcoal comes off.
1. We had zone meeting and I get a call from our zone leaders in the morning asking me to conduct the music... now normally this isn't a problem, but we don't have pianos really down here so the person conducting the music has to give the tune and sing the first line, and normally I make my companion do it, but Sister Solomone made me face my fear and sing... in front of the whole zone. and it went awful.... i'm never doing it again hahaha. 

2. So we are teaching this YSA Willard... and it's interesting. But we can't teach him without a women and normally he brings his friend from school. And so we teach him and her together... but she was too busy this week and so we weren't able to teach him and he got super super frustrated... and he had met Sister Frimpong (one of our STL's) earlier in the week and he told us "just bring that African Sister and it will be okay..." because he thinks that we need an African women because neither of us are African... hahaha I don't know if you'll laugh or even understand this but it was funny. 

3. "Lucy in the sky of diamonds" came on while we were driving in the mini bus and I got sooo stoked. 

4. Power ndi callibe. Seriously the power has been such a problem. Almost every day it is out either in the morning or at night. 

Tender Mercies: 
1. Tenson passed his baptismal interview and will be getting baptized on Sunday:) And I've mentioned before how we have tried teaching his family, and how his daughter is interested but his wife wants nothing to do with it. BUT... she told us she would come to his baptism on sunday.... PLEASE PRAY THAT SHE DOES. I think it would really soften her heart to start taking lessons. 
2. KHUMBO DOESN'T BELIEVE GOOGLE. IT'S A MIRACLE. ahhh he told us that he knew it wasn't true and that he won't ever leave the church. 
3. Mike's mother gave us cold mangos on a hot day. ahhh wonderful. it was even on Friday the 13th.
4. 2 different people bought us drinks this week because they could see how hot and sweaty we were hahaha. Africa's heat aint a joke people. 
5. Mandela got interviewed for the priesthood and he'll be recieving the Aaronic priesthood next week:) We're very happy for him and he is VERY VERY EXCITED. 

Exchanges: We got to go on exchanges with the STL's this week!! good stuff... I got to go to Ndirande which means "rob me" in chichewa hahahaha it's the ghetto's but it's a wonderful place to be. I was with Sister Dlamini (her name is super hard to say... i've been here 5 months and can barely say it) But it was cool to be in another area teaching other people besides my own... but i quickly discovered that i'm going to have major separation anxiety when i get transferred haha the whole day I kept stressing about the people in our area, and how the lessons were going... Sister Dlamini probably thought i was crazy. But we had a really great lesson with a less-active... they had never met with her before and her name was Chisomo... and we just did some good ol BRT and talked about how much Heavenly Father loved her and she just started crying... the spirit was realllll strong in that lesson. We just let her cry for a little and ended the lesson while the spirit was strong. She didn't come to church I guess, but I still believe that it touched her. 

Investigators: okay soooo we got a new investigator this week! Irene! She was a referral and she has a 7 year old son, and her and her friend Memory came to church this week. blessings! We are really trying to look for new investigators... many of our previous ones have stopped progressing. sooo we're gonna get some new ones... but no more tracting so we have been really getting buddy buddy with our members for hopes of referrals:) and MIKE PULLED THROUGH... he said he has two girls that are just finishing writing their exams who are interested who we can start teaching this next week. 

Yamikani: has disappeared... seriously we have no idea where he has been and why he hasn't been to church. really nervous and stressed about him. 
Kabutu Family: Didn't come to church this week.... ahhh they're so great, so we're not giving up on them. 
Frasier: didn't come to church this week.... we are going to just give him some space... I think we really scared him, and so we'll just give him space and if he wants to get baptized he can call us.. because he is completely ready... it's now just his turn. 

I think that is about it for this week.... 
I'm happy happy happy:) I love everything about Blantyre... I wish I could explain how much I love these people... even when they disappoint me, don't keep their commitments, or reject what i'm saying ahh I still love them. I know for with a surety that I was sent to the perfect mission for me. It's not a perfect mission, nor is it easy.. but it's exactly what I needed. 

Keep doing the work you are doing where ever you are in the world. Heavenly Father loves you and I love you all:) 


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