Monday, January 11, 2016


January 11, 2016

yeahoooooo 7 months today!! crazy stuff my friends the best 7 months of my life.... My good friend Sister Meg Jo just emailed me and told me to "leave it all out on the floor" hey that hit me home... no better way to remind me to stay focused than relating it to a good ol' drill analogy.. i have 11 more months to leave it all on the ZAMBIAN FLOOR. 

this week... wow wow wow. 

Monday: 2 new investigators... Dominic and Stephen and Stephen even came to church!!! wahoooooo 

Tuesday: Immigration... I'm legal here in Zambia unlike malawi hahahah.. but we had to sit there fooorrreever hey. New investigatorl.. Frasier!!! Referral from Zulu family! 

Thursday: Had my first mission leadership council! except since our mission is so big we have to do it over skype!! But it was inspiring and seriously we talked a lot about the effects that have come from not tracting... and hey our mission has become statistically 250% more effective. how crazy is that?? And Elder Anderson is coming in Feb and I get to see him cause i'm serving in Lusaka... fist pump!!
Taught the Mulenga family and the father was actually able to sit in on the lesson... except we taught the Plan of Salvation... and it didn't go as well as hoped... Sister Thueson got in a minor Bible Bash with him... and that drives the sprit away so fast. We ended up just having to bear testimony and end the lesson.. but we are going back this week to clarify some things that we had some misunderstandings about! 

Saturday: Ward Christmas Party... hahahahahahah my friends and family. the party was supposed to start at 11... (well it probably should ahve been 2 weeks ago) and we went to go help get the food ready since no one could and the party didn't end up starting until 16! hahaha it was crazy... and it wasn't even a party... everyone just came and ate chicken and rice and pasta and then left. we had teaching appointments through out the day so we would come see if the party had started... leave and teach and then come back and it was just crazy. 

Sunday: As Sam calls it... "the super bowl" you're either super stoked or super disappointed... and after 2 weeks with 0 investigators coming to church... we had 3! Well even more than that because we had Virginia Precious and STeven... and then Virginia even brought her whole family!!! who we hadn't been teaching but it was great! and I think she enjoyed it! and then a potential named Hagaii came with the Zulu family! great stuff great stuff.
funny stories of the week:
I greeted someone in Nyanja and they called me racist... hahah the fetch? I think he was drunk.
okay that's all that i can think of... pepani.
but we get 10 new missionaries next tuesday... who is excited?? I am! i love love love new missionaries and the excitement that they bring into the mission!! Sister Solomone will start her last transfer next week and I hope i'm still her companion!!
Well i'm so grateful to be here in Lusaka... I'm loving it, and there are always the difficulties but so many tender mercies. Nothing I love more than testifying of Jesus christ and his Atonement... and of course eating these caterpillars featured below:)
have a wonderful week. Play Hard Pray Hard!! 
Sister Thueson

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