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October 19, 2015

Hello... Rest in peace Grandpa Egg:) I know he is doing work in the spirit world and the people up there need him, I'm a little jealous the family is together but the people down here need me as well, and I REALLY NEED THEM. They teach me something new every day. I'm so grateful for the never ending amazing experiences that are happening here in Malawi.

So first of all Mango season is here my friends. Fresh mangos at the market for 25 kwacha... doesn't get better than that.
So I have like noooo time to email today because we had a district activity today where we went to a national park in hopes of seeing animals... and animals were pallibe today! haha so it was just a fun 2 hour hike in the bush of Africa. We had a guide who had this huge gun because she said sometimes hyiennas and pythons will come and try to attack the people. Still cool... also internet is crazy slow today so probably no pictures this week.
Okay soooo this week was a little slower of a week. Many many appointments fell through and so we were walking around a lot.. in the heat. I gained a testimony of making BACK UP PLANS... there is a reason they are in the planner.

updates on life:

FRASIER IS FINALLY HOME FROM BOTSWANA AND HE'LL BE GETTING BAPTIZED ON THE 8TH. seriously we weren't expecting him to be home and we walked by his house and he was outside... ahh i got so happy. He lives on his own and he was so lonely one day and we got talking and he seriously wouldn't let us leave for like 2 hours.
Yamikani is progressing terrifically! He totally loves everything that we teach and is definitely ready for baptism on the 8th as well!
Okay Henry's family is a complete miracle. We went to teach them the other day, and he told us that they pray morning and night and before bed every night they read their scriptures (well he reads and then translates for them) and then they discuss it. They read the introduction to the book of Mormon together, and then we taught them the Plan of Salvation! The parents didn't come to church this week:( but the kids did so we will work on that for next week. But still... how cute is that?
Saturday was a rouuuugggh day.. haha every single appointment fell through until we were finally able to teach one pangano lesson at the end of the day... But you know the good always out weighs the bad and I know at the end of my mission it won't be days like Saturday that i'll remember.. but all the other wonderful days we have had.
Sunday: Mandela was confirmed an official member of the church. ahhh that guy, he's so great. I'll introduce you all to him in the celestial kingdom one day.
Someone was yelling "madonna madonna" at us and so I was super flatterered because I thought that someone thought I was madonna... then we later found out that ma dohna means "my ladies" in chichewa... I'm still gonna say that someone thought I was madonna.
Well we are on WEEK 6 of this transfer so transfer news comes this week.... we'll see what happens. It's always a fun guessing game:)

Sorry that this email was lame... I'm happy and life is great and miracles happen every single day.
Love you family and friends! Keep up the good work wherever in the world you are!!
Sister Thueson

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